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Top 6 Best-Suited Flashlights for House Inspectors

Being a house inspector is a tough job and it's important for one to have the best equipment for the utmost efficiency. Here, we list the best flashlight brands and models for any situation you may find yourself in as a professional house inspector. Learn more.

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April 25, 2017


Runtime Comparison between Olight S2A and Other 2 x AA Flashlights

Olight S2A has unparalleled performance on all brightness levels, showing both prolonged runtime and unrivaled stability in high output. 

a) Special battery: Using Olight branded lithium iron disulfide (Li/FeS2) batteries, S2A has over twice of runtime as compared to LD22 using its own batteries on the most commonly used brightness levels. The superior performance is largely due to higher capacity if lithium iron disulfide batteries under high discharging current of 1A.

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March 13, 2017


j2ledflashlight at The Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show 2017

Here are a few pictures of our booth at The Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show 2017 for the following days at the show: February 24, 25, 26, 2017.

We are representing Nitecore Flashlights in Canada.

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November 27, 2016


Flashlights: The Most Underestimated Tool for Personal Defense

You never know when an adverse situation arises and you are in a fix. The only way out is to be prepared enough to deal with any kind of emergency! And this is probably the biggest reason why it is must to know about personal defense. But are you really ready to face the ruthless world? View full article →
November 19, 2016


Tactical Flashlights- What are they?

You might be aware of the device called ‘tactical flashlight’, but do you know what it is, and how helpful it can be? Read on to know all about this highly useful tool.  

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Top 3 Flashlights for Security Guards- Adding Perfection to Safety

Flashlights forms to be an essential security tool. Security guards need the best products in their hand to offer their best services. Even if they are working in a day-shift, a flashlight is highly useful for facing difficult situation inside a dark room or area. So, here is the list of some of the most popular flashlights which serve every purpose of security guards efficiently. View full article →

Top Selling Concert Flashlights with rechargeable batteries

Falling into the basic need of organizing a successful concert, rechargeable flashlights are now turning more and more popular. And certainly, selecting the best flashlight is no less than a challenge. Not anymore! Cutting down on your efforts, here is a list of top selling concert flashlights you can count on every time.

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Discover How Flashlights Changed the World

What is handheld, can light up the dark, and is considered a must have tool for work and home? Flashlights! While they may seem innocent and mundane, our world would be much different if flashlights were never invented. View full article →
November 21, 2014


Making Sense of Throw, Flood, Candela and Lumens

The market for flashlights can become confusing sometimes and if you really want to narrow down your search for the perfect flashlight according to your needs, a better understanding of the relationships between throw, flood, candela and lumens will work in your favor and make it a little easier.

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November 06, 2014


Heads-up on Headlamps

What is a Headlamp?

Practically, a headlamp is a light source that enables the user to use both hands and direct the light with a turn of the user’s head. The actual lamp may be fitted on the user’s head with some straps or with head gear that uses straps or mounting placements. It may even be called a headlamp if a flashlight is mounted on the user’s head or headgear with duct tape. So long as the light source is mounted on the head and creates a means for which the user can use both upper appendages - it’s a headlamp.

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