Shipping and Sales Tax to Canada and USA?

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Since we are located in Toronto, Canada, we have to charge sales tax.

All prices, taxes and shipping charges are noted during the checkout process of the shopping cart. All orders are shipped via Canada Post or local courier. Shipping times depend on the destination and can range for rural areas.

Canadian taxes are not collected on orders shipped outside of Canada. However, orders shipped outside of Canada are subject to import duties, taxes, and customs processing fees, which are levied once the package reaches its destination. These fees are collected by the carrier or brokerage company and members are responsible for paying them. is unable to give estimates for these fees. Please contact your local customs office for more information.


Typographic Errors and Incorrect Pricing

J2ledflashlights makes every effort to ensure that all information found on this website is accurate. In the instance that an incorrect price/typographic error is displayed, and an order has been placed, WE have the right to cancel any such order and we issue a full credit back to the customer due to the incorrect price. If you do find such errors, please let us know so that we can make the necessary corrections for a better, website experience.


Return Policy 

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Proof of Purchase & Return Address for Defective Items

If there is no proof of purchase such as an invoice or a packing slip, we cannot honour your warranty. Please keep your invoices/packing slip in a safe place. If products are returned, it must be in a salable condition.

Please return your defective flashlight to:
2149604 Ontario Ltd.
1346A Danforth Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M4J 1M9


Fenix Flashlights – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Genuine Fenix product vs a fake?
Starting From September 1st, 2008, an 11-digit serial number consisting of letters and numbers will be printed on the head of each flashlight OR on the reverse side of each packaging. For Example: “ILSSVM00323”. By entering this serial number into Fenix’s official website, you will be able to retrieve related product information regarding the light’s authenticity. For assistance, you may either contact Fenix at or

2. The flashlight becomes hot after running for an extended period of time, is this normal?

Running the flashlight in its brightest mode, over an extended period of time requires more power, hence more heat is being generated, this is normal. For daily use, Fenix recommends using flashlights in general mode and not running the flashlight for an extended period of time. It is recommended to run it less than 10 minutes at maximum output to avoid overheating.

3. What should I do if the flashlight flickers or doesn't work?

There may be several reasons for why this may happen:

Reason A:

The battery maybe dead. Solution: Replace the batteries (Please confirm the correct installation of anode and cathode).

Reason B:

There is dirt on the screw threads, interface of PCB and other contacts. Solution: Clean the contact points using a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

Reason C:

The head, main body or internal parts of the tail cap are loose. Solution: Apply some Vaseline on the 0-ring and screw the head and tail (including inside parts of the tail) tightly. If the above methods don't work, please contact the distributors and refer to the warranty policy.

4. When I use primary alkaline batteries in some types of Fenix flashlights such as the LD10, LD20, runtimes on high output can reach the same levels as a rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Is this okay?

This is a normal phenomenon. The alkaline battery has a large internal impedance so that it consumes energy quickly. When flashlights are in high output mode, the battery has a larger electric current, thus a shorter runtime. In medium and lower output modes, runtimes on alkaline batteries are longer vs. Ni-MH batteries. So based on your needs, you have a choice in using either battery for your needs.

5. How about the water-resistant capabilities of Fenix products?

All Fenix flashlights are water-resistant. They can be used in the rain and shallow water. Some models are noted for different water depths and can be used within the noted depth.

6. Could I modify the product after I purchased them?

Please do not refit or modify our products as doing so will VOID your warranty.


Smooth Reflectors VS Orange Peel/Textured Reflectors

A smooth reflector will give you a bit more throw (distance), but a more ringy beam with noticeable artifacts. In real life, the ringy beams are not noticeable unless you shine it against a white wall. An orange peel or a textured reflector will reduce throw (distance) and give you a more uniformed, smoother beam. It is called an orange peel because the reflector’s surface resembles the texture/surface of the outer skin of an orange.



The performance difference between the Q5 and R2 through the naked eye is minimal at best. No one else is reporting significant light output from upgrading a Q5 to the R2. Since the CREE Q5 has been in the markets longer than the R2 CREE, the tint of the bin from the CREE Q5 is much better than the R2 CREE even though the R2 CREE is only a tiny % brighter than the CREE Q5 by a roughly 7%.


R2 CREE vs R5 CREE (Advantages & Disadvantages)

  • Less brightness as compared against the R5
  • Less of a hotspot vs the R5
  • Superior throw (distance) vs the R5
  • Narrow beam
  • A bit brighter than the R2 CREE
  • Larger hotspot
  • Less throw (distance) vs the R2
  • More of a flood beam


CR123A batteries VS “AA” batteries (Advantages & Disadvantages)

  • LED flashlights powered by CR123A batteries contain more power = more brightness
  • Contain a much longer shelf life vs “AA” batteries
  • Can endure harsh, cold winters
  • Slightly more costly to purchase than traditional batteries
  • Less expensive to purchase than CR123A batteries
  • More easily accessible
  • LED flashlights powered by “AA” batteries may not be as bright as CR123A powered flashlights
  • Shelf life may not be as long as compared to CR123A batteries


Additional Questions or Comments

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Last Updated: Tuesday February 10th, 2015

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