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Diving Light Showcase - Nitecore DL10 and Acebeam D20

J2LEDFlashlight's "deep dive" on the Nitecore DL10 and Acebeam D20 dive lights. As the manufacturers of some of the world's top LED flashlights, Nitecore and Acebeam have taken on the task of making their own underwater diving models. From capturing pictures of a coral reef to scuba diving, they are designed with features ideal for lighting up the watery world around you. View full article →

Hunting Flashlights and Accessories for Night hunters

Picking the right tools for the job is essential for every hunter. For night hunters, that includes a strong light that will improve your night game and get you through the wild safely. Here are some of our toughest hunting flashlights and accessories for your next night trip, from some of the world's top brands in LED flashlights. Whether you are hunting game or protecting your property, they will help you get the job done and get it done safely. View full article →

Top 4 Lights for Camping

When planning for any outdoor trip, a good flashlight is a staple among gear. Losing your lighting out in the wilderness is an annoyance at best; at worst it can be an emergency.

With a ton of options and often little time to pack it's hard to decide which light will be good enough for your needs. We have you covered: these are J2LEDFlashlight's top recommended lights for camping and outdoor use.

Unmatched technology and quality put these lights on top when it comes to power, versatility and durability. Whether in full backcountry or just at the cottage, they will be sure to give you an edge and make it through any outdoor situation.

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Weltool M2 Purple Beard UV 365 Professional Flashlight

M2 UV flashlight is also called black light, adopts high efficiency pure 365nm UV-A LED with the LED radiation flux of 2060mW. The flashlight body is compact with a steel clip included as an accessory, powered by 1 piece of li-ion battery, compact and portable. The visible wavelength range to human eye is 400-700 nm, while the dominant wavelength of the M2 flashlight is 365 nm with less visible light, so the M2 is not "bright" in eyes and it's not designed for use of illumination. From which it proves that it's pure 365 nm wavelength with a better performance than the ultraviolet light of other wavelengths (380-400 nm).

Features :

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Top Flashlight Brands of 2020

Top flashlight brands of 2020

Flashlight brands have different types of features and functionality that fit people's personal preferences.  Some are made just to lighten up a dark area, while others can also be used for emergency and survival situations perfect for a policeman and other law enforcement alike. These are our top 4 flashlight brand of 2020.   

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Choose the Best Flashlight For You


The choice is huge. There are big flashlights. There are heavy flashlights. They can have different light output, beam distance and durability. These are all factors to consider when purchasing a flashlight. To help, we have created this guide.

The following performance factors help classify flashlights.

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The Ins and Outs of Flashlights for Casual Evening Dog Walks

In this blog, we will be covering...

- 6 situations where you and your dog will be finding a flashlight useful

- Examples of flashlights here at J2EDFLASHLIGHT for dog-walking and what makes them so good

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Top 6 Best-Suited Flashlights for House Inspectors

Being a house inspector is a tough job and it's important for one to have the best equipment for the utmost efficiency. Here, we list the best flashlight brands and models for any situation you may find yourself in as a professional house inspector. Learn more.

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Runtime Comparison between Olight S2A and Other 2 x AA Flashlights

Olight S2A has unparalleled performance on all brightness levels, showing both prolonged runtime and unrivaled stability in high output. 

a) Special battery: Using Olight branded lithium iron disulfide (Li/FeS2) batteries, S2A has over twice of runtime as compared to LD22 using its own batteries on the most commonly used brightness levels. The superior performance is largely due to higher capacity if lithium iron disulfide batteries under high discharging current of 1A.

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Flashlights: The Most Underestimated Tool for Personal Defense

You never know when an adverse situation arises and you are in a fix. The only way out is to be prepared enough to deal with any kind of emergency! And this is probably the biggest reason why it is must to know about personal defense. But are you really ready to face the ruthless world? View full article →