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January 25, 2020


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Choose the Best Flashlight For You

How to Choose a Flashlight

The choice is huge. There are big flashlights. There are heavy flashlights. They can have different light output, beam distance and durability. These are all factors to consider when purchasing a flashlight. To help, we have created this guide.

The following performance factors help classify flashlights.

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Top 6 Best-Suited Flashlights for House Inspectors

Being a house inspector is a tough job and it's important for one to have the best equipment for the utmost efficiency. Here, we list the best flashlight brands and models for any situation you may find yourself in as a professional house inspector. Learn more.

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Top Selling Concert Flashlights with rechargeable batteries

Falling into the basic need of organizing a successful concert, rechargeable flashlights are now turning more and more popular. And certainly, selecting the best flashlight is no less than a challenge. Not anymore! Cutting down on your efforts, here is a list of top selling concert flashlights you can count on every time.

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Discover How Flashlights Changed the World

What is handheld, can light up the dark, and is considered a must have tool for work and home? Flashlights! While they may seem innocent and mundane, our world would be much different if flashlights were never invented. View full article →