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 We have been selling high quality, LED Flashlights for over 10+ years.
We are Authorized Dealers for Fenix, Olight, Nitecore, JETBeam and EagleTac.
We have a retail location and a dedicated showroom.
We have telephone support. Questions about flashlights? Talk to us directly.
We offer awesome customer service and ensure you are happy with your purchase! Our after sales services do not stop after your purchases.You can continue with your inquiries after your purcahses. Will help you with the manufacturer's warranty.
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Runtime Comparison between Olight S2A and Other 2 x AA Flashlights

April 25, 2017

Olight S2A has unparalleled performance on all brightness levels, showing both prolonged runtime and unrivaled stability in high output. 

a) Special battery: Using Olight branded lithium iron disulfide (Li/FeS2) batteries, S2A has over twice of runtime as compared to LD22 using its own batteries on the most commonly used brightness levels. The superior performance is largely due to higher capacity if lithium iron disulfide batteries under high discharging current of 1A. Continue Reading →

j2ledflashlight at The Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show 2017

March 13, 2017

Here are a few pictures of our booth at The Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show 2017 for the following days at the show : February 24,25,26,2017. We are representing Nitecore Flashlights in Canada. John Jang at j2ledflashlight.com had visited Nitecore's head office in China on March 5,2017. We have a very strong relationship with Nitecore. We get our Nitecore's products directly from Nitecore and our service do not stop after the customer's needs service for their Nitecore products. Nitecore have a separate Head Office , another separate factory for head lamps and another factory office for flashlights. Continue Reading →