Do you have a flashlight? Learn here how important it is and what you need to do next.

Living in a world of remorseless people, you are yourself responsible for your safety!

Though there is lot of hype about security devices and gadgets today, the fact is that one must be geared up sufficiently for their own protection. You can never predict what will happen next during the day. You might be going to work, dining at your favorite restaurant, shopping at the mall, or doing any other usual activity, and suddenly you have to deal with an emergency situation. It could be anything: a theft, holdup, street fight or a sexual assault.

In order to safeguard you and your loved ones, it is essential to be prepared in advance. For this it is a must to be armed with the best tools for self defense, isn’t it?

Definitely, the next question to prompt is - what kind of tool? 

The answer is ‘a Flashlight’.

So, if you have been thinking that a flashlight is merely a tool to keep in your drawer or is required for a camping checklist, you need to know that it is highly essential for personal defense. In fact, the trainers recommend it to be a 24/7 available tool.

However, it is not about just any flashlight. You need tactical flashlights.

Why tactical lights are important for personal defense?

The reason is simple; they serve three major functions. Explore here:

  • Improvised weapon – Very few know that some tactical flashlights, with a serrated or toothed bezel, can be of great help to break car windows. Actually, the bezel on a tactical flashlight improvises striking.
  • Distract attackers – Yes, just shining a light momentarily disorients the attackers, and here you get a chance to escape from the danger. When a bright light is shined in your eyes in the dark outside, it makes you blind for a while. The same happens with the attacker. So, whenever you encounter a possible threat, just flash it directly to their eyes.
  • Identify terror – One thing common among attackers is that they use the cover of darkness as a bonus advantage. Hence, a tactical flashlight helps you in discovering threats in a low-light environment. 

So, you know now how essential it is for personal defense.

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Don’t wait more, place your flashlight today.

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