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NITECORE NEW I4 & I4 Comparison

NITECORE has just launched the upgraded NEW I4 , very lucky we have the first-hand information to review. Apart from “TWICE CHARGING SPEED FASTER THAN I4” , following is more specific details what we found that NITECORE pays a very attention to optimize the charger not only in the electronics, but also the structure, design , and user interface.

All are ready to become the most universal vape charger!

With brand-new User-Interface, NEW I4 utilises a LED indicator screen. Display the charging percentage more clearly. An additional red LED light in each charging slot indicates the on/off status of fast-charging mode.

Longer metal connect-point in positive polarity, and ultra-slim edge enables NEW I4 to easily “without pressure” insert all kinds large-size rechargeable batteries in each charging slot, such as D-cell battery, 26650 li-ion. 

Longer space in charging slot under same size body. 

Regarding the whole view of NEW I4, it has obviously increased and optimized the radiation fin, in order to maximize the ability of heat dissipation. Superficial area is greatly maximized to limit, efficiency of heat dissipation 100% improved than I4. 

“C” button is to be pressed to select a specific slot. When a desired slot is selected, holding down the “C” button to manually turn on/off the fast-charging mode. When turn on fast-charging mode, the red light on top will turn on then charging current will be set at 1.5A.

“V” button is to be pressed to select charging terminated voltage. This can be set at 4.35V or 4.2V or 3.7V. Hold down “C” “V” simultaneously to enable battery recovery process, specially to over-discharged IMR batteries.

*Fast-Charging Mode is only available for capacity more than 1200mAh batteries and equal or longer than 65mm in length, such as 18650, 26650.

*For particular 4.35v Li-ion batteries please make sure select the terminated voltage manually, otherwise NEW I4 will charge to 4.2v by default and stop charging.

*For more precautions of charging batteries please refer to official user manual.

John Jang
John Jang


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