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Diving Light Showcase - Nitecore DL10 and Acebeam D20

J2LEDFlashlight's "deep dive" on the Nitecore DL10 and Acebeam D20 dive lights. As the manufacturers of some of the world's top LED flashlights, Nitecore and Acebeam have taken on the task of making their own underwater diving models. From capturing pictures of a coral reef to scuba diving, they are designed with features ideal for lighting up the watery world around you. View full article →

Top Flashlight Brands of 2020

Top flashlight brands of 2020

Flashlight brands have different types of features and functionality that fit people's personal preferences.  Some are made just to lighten up a dark area, while others can also be used for emergency and survival situations perfect for a policeman and other law enforcement alike. These are our top 4 flashlight brand of 2020.   

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Advanced Circuitry From Nitecore

Nitecore Advance Circutry
Nitecore's proprietary regulation circuit is an essential component in every Nitecore flashlight. The circuit's unique power source management systems delivers constant current to the LED regardless of battery condition / chemistry, resulting in continuous , unwavering light output for end users. The circuit's efficiency and reliability is further enhanced by carefully engineered electronic components such as gold or silver plated contact points. Moreover, every Nitecore flashlight features an integrated micro controller unit which works in tandem with the regulation circuit to offer an intuitive and versatile user interface. View full article →

J2LEDFlashlight Visited Nitecore's Main Head Office in China during January 2019

We at J2 LED Flashlight (j2ledflashlight.com) have visited Nitecore's main head office in China.

Rm 2601-06, Central Tower, No.5 Xiancun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510623, Guangdong, China


Nitecore Head office in China. Rm 2601-06, Central Tower, No.5 Xiancun Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510623, Guangdong, China

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NITECORE NEW I4 & I4 Comparison

NITECORE has just launched the upgraded NEW I4; very luckily we have the first-hand information to review. Apart from “Twice the charging speed of the I4”, following are more specific details. What we found was that NITECORE pays very close attention to optimize the charger not only in the electronics, but also the structure, design, and user interface.

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