Flashlight brands have different types of features and functionality that fit people's personal preferences. Some are made just to lighten up a dark area, while others can also be used for emergency and survival situations perfect for a policeman and other law enforcement alike. These are our top 4 flashlight brands of 2020.

1. Fenix

    Over the years, Fenix has released various types of flashlights. In 2005 it became the source of affordable high-end flashlights. For meeting their standards for producing lights, they lead their design, electronics, and machining through professional engineers. They have made some of the best tactical flashlights in the world. Fenix has developed a strong following from people all across the globe and their products are distributed to more than 100 countries.

    2. Acebeam

      Acebeam brand was established in 2014. Its focus designs were on portable lighting equipment like flashlights, lamps, and accessories for professionals. Acebeam develops some of the most innovative products in the market. They have a variety of products like searchlights, tactical lights, everyday carry lights,  and even lights for diving underwater. They are available in over 100 countries and regions around the world.

      3. Nitecore

        Nitecore is the award winner of IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) and many others. It's the world's leading specialist in illumination electronic tools for users in different trades and fields. These flashlights are super effective, intuitive illumination, robust and innovative. They are designed for a wide scope of areas including industrial utilities, outdoor activities, and tactical scenarios for law enforcement. Nitecore also contributes to society on both a domestic and international scale.

        4. EagleTac

          EagTac offers customers the most efficient finest and toughest tactical flashlights ever made. They are used worldwide by professionals, policemen, and by search and rescue military. They make flashlights of varying sizes, battery sources and power outputs. The battery sources range from CR123 lithium batteries, lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and AA batteries.


          The most important thing is that many different types of flashlights are produced around the world. Whether it is for everyday use or even diving below the coral reefs in Australia, there is a flashlight out there for everyone.

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