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J2ledflashlight visits Acebeam Head Office in China during January 2019

Acebeam Head Office in China

Address: Floor 4th, Building#3, YiJiaYang Industrial Park,Dalang,Shenzhen,China 518100


See link :  http://www.acebeam.com/contactus


We were in Shenzhen, China and took a taxi to YiJiaYang Industrial Park.

YiJiaYang Industrial Park is a large neighbourhood full of factories.


My observations are that Acebeam is a medium size company thriving to be up with the big boys like Nitecore and Fenixlight.

 Acebeam rented the second and forth floor of a large building and they are expanding to a new area by next year.

The second floor is the manufacturing process and the fourth floor is the office.

Very surprised to see that Acebeam does have their own complete in-house service including R&D, CNC machining, anodizing, electronic assembly, quality control, packaging and distribution. 


 j2LEDFlashlight visited Acebeam Head Office in Chinaj2ledflashlight visited Acebeam head office in ChinaJ2ledflashlight visits Acebeam head Office in China.

 j2ledflashlight visits Acebeam head office in China. j2ledflashlight visited Acebeam head office in China.

 This is the main entrance to Acebeam head office.

j2ledflashlight visits Acebeam head office in China

j2ledflashlights visits Acebeam head office in China.

Meeting with Acebeam's Big Boss at Acebeam Head Office in China.

On the fourth floor, we had a three hour meeting and talked everything from warranty to how to better promoted Acebeam in Canada.

A show case of Acebeam products at Acebeam's Head Office in China.

 Acebeam show room containing Acebeam's models at Acebeam Head Office.

To wrap up the day, we had lunch with Acebeam's big boss on the right and his employee in the center.

Here are the food we ate.

My conclusion :

Had a great stay at Acebeam and I can see it expanding very fast.

Great to talked to the big boss at Acebeam and he is a young professional who is going to make his name in the LED Flashlight business.

My last question to him was why did you pick LED flashlights as your product 

to manufacture and sale around the world.

His humble answer is that he is a "Flashoholic" who has a passion for flashlights.


Stay tune for video. We have video format of Acebeam manufacturing in progress.

Ethel Simega
Ethel Simega


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