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4 Headlamps for Night-Safe Jogging

For anyone jogging or running at night, a good source of light can be important for staying safe, to see the path ahead of you and alert others of your presence. Advances in LED technology have made today's headlamps ultra lightweight, powerful, and durable.

These are J2LedFlashlight's top 4 picks for headlamps for night jogging, from basic function to advanced running-dedicated models. They come from the world's top lighting brands and will be able to go the distance for you while you go yours.

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Hunting Flashlights and Accessories for Night hunters

Picking the right tools for the job is essential for every hunter. For night hunters, that includes a strong light that will improve your night game and get you through the wild safely. Here are some of our toughest hunting flashlights and accessories for your next night trip, from some of the world's top brands in LED flashlights. Whether you are hunting game or protecting your property, they will help you get the job done and get it done safely. View full article →

Top 4 Lights for Camping

When planning for any outdoor trip, a good flashlight is a staple among gear. Losing your lighting out in the wilderness is an annoyance at best; at worst it can be an emergency.

With a ton of options and often little time to pack it's hard to decide which light will be good enough for your needs. We have you covered: these are J2LEDFlashlight's top recommended lights for camping and outdoor use.

Unmatched technology and quality put these lights on top when it comes to power, versatility and durability. Whether in full backcountry or just at the cottage, they will be sure to give you an edge and make it through any outdoor situation.

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November 06, 2014


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Heads-up on Headlamps

What is a Headlamp?

Practically, a headlamp is a light source that enables the user to use both hands and direct the light with a turn of the user’s head. The actual lamp may be fitted on the user’s head with some straps or with head gear that uses straps or mounting placements. It may even be called a headlamp if a flashlight is mounted on the user’s head or headgear with duct tape. So long as the light source is mounted on the head and creates a means for which the user can use both upper appendages - it’s a headlamp.

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