Advanced Circuitry from Nitecore
Nitecore Advance Circutry
Nitecore's proprietary regulation circuit is an essential component in every Nitecore flashlight. The circuit's unique power source management systems delivers constant current to the LED regardless of battery condition / chemistry, resulting in continuous, unwavering light output for end users. The circuit's efficiency and reliability is further enhanced by carefully engineered electronic components such as gold or silver plated contact points. Moreover, every Nitecore flashlight features an integrated micro controller unit which works in tandem with the regulation circuit to offer an intuitive and versatile user interface.


An LED drive / regulation circuit is crucial in improving the efficiency of the "power to light " conversion process, allowing for longer run times and more stable operation using various battery chemistries. Nitecore's highly reliable and compact drive circuit is the reason why Nitecore flashlights run longer and shine brighter than the competition.


Lens and Reflectors

Nitecore Reflector at Nitecore CanadaWith many years of experience in flashlight optical design, Nitecore's custom engineered high efficiency alloy reflectors ensure every flashlight emits a balanced beam profile of both flood and throw with minimal loss of light. All Nitecore reflectors are protected by AR coated, anti scratch mineral lenses.




Precision Digital Optics Technology 

Precision Digital Optics Technology PDOT utilizes digital simulation and precise point to point curved reflecting methods to optimize reflector performance. This ensures a more consistent, uniform and far reaching beam capable of illuminating targets at distance.


NitecoreNitecore circuitry

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