1. Introduction


2. Comparison


3. Conclusion

Olight S2A has unparalleled performance on all brightness levels, showing both prolonged runtime and unrivaled stability in high output. 

a) Special battery: Using Olight branded lithium iron disulfide (Li/FeS2) batteries, S2A has over twice the runtime as compared to LD22 using its own batteries on the most commonly used brightness levels. The superior performance is largely due to the higher capacity of lithium iron disulfide batteries under high discharging current of 1A.

b) 100 - 120 lumens: S2A has an extraordinary runtime for the brightness level of 120 lumens (over 10 hours) with a steady performance, which is about three times that of LD22.

c) 260 to 300 lumens: S2A greatly outperforms LD22 at the level of 260 - 3000 lumens, exceeding the latter by five times the runtime.

d) Above 300 lumens: S2A has a turbo mode setting at 550 lumens as compared to LD22's turbo of 300 lumens. Although it does not stay at this brightness for long, it can meet the demand for emergency situations.

Apart from the advantage in runtime, S2A Baton also has a soft and balanced beam, compact size and light weight, 0.5 lumen "moonlight" mode and multiple colours to choose from.

Click here to know more product details on the Olight S2A Baton.

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