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UV Flashlights

No matter if you are a law enforcement officer, mechanic, engineer, maintenance person or workman, warehouse manager, outdoor enthusiast, or laboratory researcher, UV flashlights can be a good help.

UV Flashlight is a professional-grade UV detection flashlight, which is more suitable for professional fields.

UV curing:

Some curable adhesives specify the 365nm UV for rapid curing. UV flashlight can also be applied to ink curing, such as printing, oil painting and wood instrument processing.

Forensic investigation & evidence collection:

Proteinaceous materials emit fluorescence when illuminated by UV light. So M2 can be used to check for body fluid, blood, fingerprint, fiber and also to analyze bite marks and bruises. UV light usually is used for detection of fraudulent documents such as ID cards, visas, passports, credit cards or banknotes. The UV light can be used for arson investigation though the spattering of chemical combustibles and used for car theft forensics by identification of car ID labels, and also for vehicle accident analysis.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT):

UV flashlight especially suitable for on-site fluorescence penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspection of special equipment in ships, pressure vessels, draught fan blades and other narrow spaces.

Leaks detecting:

By the fluorescence reaction of ethylene glycol in the cooling system, M2 black light can be used to check for leaks of the car radiator and the air-conditioning refrigerant by adding a fluorescent agent. And it works on detecting engine leaks and oil pipeline leaks.

Ore exploration:

Some kinds of ore cannot be quickly identified by the naked eye, but they present various colours under UV beam and can be quickly noticed. It also applies to screening of gems, amber and jade, artifacts, antiques, and discovering traces of fraud and glue.


Riboflavin validation in pharmaceutical companies, inspection of human body fluids and other tissues, pollutants in public places, cleaning of oil stains, and the presence of traces of urine from rodents such as rats in the warehouse.


Find pet defecations, oil or contaminants in kitchen and bathroom, check sanitary products, clothing, cosmetics, paper towels with fluorescer.

Outdoor activities:

The outer shell of the scorpion glows under the  UV flashlight's beam, making it easy to find even in the dark. Many mushrooms and flowers, fruits, seeds or some insects, bees, and small crabs are more magical under the illumination of M2 than at night or in daylight.

  Found gas leaks ,

  Found dog urine,

  Found mice urination,

   Inspection of draught fan blades.