Top 4 Lights for Camping


When planning for any outdoor trip, a good flashlight is a staple among gear. Losing your lighting out in the wilderness is an annoyance at best; at worst it can be an emergency.

With a ton of options and often little time to pack it's hard to decide which light will be good enough for your needs. We have you covered: these are J2LEDFlashlight's top recommended lights for camping and outdoor use.

Unmatched technology and quality put these lights on top when it comes to power, versatility and durability. Whether in full backcountry or just at the cottage, they will be sure to give you an edge and make it through any outdoor situation.


1) Nitecore LA10 Lantern

Nitecore LA10 135 Lumen Mini LED Camping Lantern - Compact Lightweight    Nitecore LA10 135 Lumen Mini LED Camping Lantern - Compact Lightweight

This small but bright handheld tube light proves a great go-to for most typical lighting needs.

⦁ Diffuser extends and retracts with a simple twist
⦁ Easy to use tailcap switches between 3 brightness settings
⦁ Location beacon mode for emergency purposes
⦁ Only 7.85 cm long and less than 2 ounces, fitting into nearly any pack
⦁ Despite its small size it will throw up to 10 metres at 135 lumens
⦁ Runs on just a single AA battery
⦁ The powerful magnetic tailcap lets you mount it on any magnetic wall or surface, and on the lowest setting it can last 23 hours, ideal for keeping on during late night reading
⦁ Attachable lanyard also lets it be easily hung if needed

It will make a perfect quick addition to any camping pack for regular use or for backup and then some.

You can buy the Nitecore LA10 here


2) Fenix PD36R Flashlight

Fenix PD36R mighty power conquers USB type C rechargeable tactical flashlight

Power, compactness and sturdiness make the Fenix PD36R a reliable staple for outdoor use. This flashlight is both bright and hardy, able to stand up to the elements with ease and shine through.

⦁ Emits a max output of 1600 lumens to 283 meters
⦁ Driven by a long-lasting 21700/5000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
⦁ Built in fast-charging USB-C port lets it be quick charged if needed -- charge of only 10 minutes will give it 5 hours on Low (150 lumens)
⦁ Five output levels and emergency strobe mode are controlled by dual switches
⦁ Battery level indicator lets you know how much longer before recharge
⦁ A two-position body clip lets the light be attached to backpacks and belts in either orientation
⦁ Drop resistant to 1.5 m
⦁ IP68 rating, it is fully dustproof and can be submerged up to 2m for 30 minutes

All in all you can be confident in this light to get you through any outdoor adventure you bring it on.

You can buy the Fenix PD36R here


3) Nitecore NU10 Headlamp

Nitecore NU10 Headlamp   Nitecore NU10 Headlamp

For night hiking, reading, or any other hands-free lighting this ultra light and compact headlamp is an ideal solution. It is small and easy to wear but by no means fragile under the elements.

⦁ Dual-output LEDs give up to 160 lumens of white light
⦁ Can be switched to red light output to preserve night vision
⦁ For those requiring high colour accuracy for map reading, the lamp comes in an alternate version with CRI≥90
⦁ Wide angle coverage illuminates your entire field of view
⦁ Can be tilted 60 degrees as needed
⦁ Built-in USB-charging battery, no battery replacement is required
⦁ Weighing only 2.29 ounces it is easy to wear for extended times
⦁ Impact resistant to 1.5 metres
⦁ IP66 dust/water resistant
⦁ Strobe and location beacon modes make it a reliable emergency backup

In the tent or on the trail this small lamp will prove itself as a much-needed part of your gear.

You can buy the Nitecore NU10 here


4) Fenix LD22 Flashlight

Fenix LD22 2015 version + 4 Fenix Accessories   Fenix LD22 2015 version + 4 Fenix Accessories

Slender and compact, the Fenix LD22 is more lightweight than the PD36R but can still hold its own in outdoor use.

⦁ Powered by 2 AA batteries
⦁ Delivers up to 300 lumens to 120 metres
⦁ Outdoor Mode has four brightness levels plus strobe and SOS modes, making it assuring to have for emergencies
⦁ Tactical Mode keeps the light at turbo or mid brightness plus strobe mode
⦁ Impact resistant to 1 metre
⦁ IPX8 rating makes it waterproof to 2m for 30 minutes
⦁ Variety of attachable accessories let it be adapted for many situations such as the camping lampshade and red filter adapter

This easy to carry flashlight is an ideal choice for general outdoor use and some situations too harsh for normal flashlights.

You can buy the Fenix LD22 here


These lights were built to withstand the power of nature. With them alongside you can be sure to blaze through any outdoor adventure and come back to tell the tale.

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