Hunting Flashlights and Accessories for Night hunters


Picking the right tools for the job is essential for every hunter. For night hunters, that includes a strong light that will improve your night game and get you through the wild safely. Here are some of our toughest hunting flashlights and accessories for your next night trip, from some of the world's top brands in LED flashlights. Whether you are hunting game or protecting your property, they will help you get the job done and get it done safely.


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Flashlights and Headlamps
Nitecore New P30
Acebeam L16
Nitecore MH25GTS
Nitecore MH27
Acebeam E10
Fenix HM61R Headlamp

Hunting Flashlight Accessories
Acebeam and Nitecore Colour Filters
Nitecore GM03 Rifle/Shotgun Barrel Mount
Nitecore GM02-40-40 Weapon Mount
Acebeam L16 Remote Pressure Switch
Nitecore RSW1 Remote Pressure Switch


Nitecore New P30


Bright and hardy, the upgraded P30 is Nitecore's premier hunting flashlight. It is a powerful thrower and is compatible with a variety of accessories designed especially for hunting. It also has three special modes for emergency use.

⦁ The tactical tail switch and the side switch control 5 brightness levels (1-1000 lumens) and 3 special modes (Strobe, SOS, beacon)
⦁ Utilizes a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED with a max output of 1,000 lumens
⦁ Maximum peak beam intensity of 95,500cd and maximum throw of 618 meters
⦁ Powered by a 21700 high capacity Li-ion battery, also compatible with 18650 and CR123 batteries, to provide a runtime up to 950 hours
⦁ NITECORE 21700 USB-C rechargeable Li-ion battery (NL215OR 5,000mAh) included
⦁ Power indicator beneath the side switch indicates the remaining battery power
⦁ High efficiency constant circuit provides a stable output
⦁ Optical lenses with double-sided scratch resistant coating
⦁ Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy, HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
⦁ Impact resistant to 1 meter
⦁ Waterproof in accordance with IP68 (2 meters submersible)

See the Nitecore P30 here

If you're looking for an all-in-one hunting package, check out the Nitecore P30 hunting kit. Includes the P30 plus all the hunting light accessories you will need.


Acebeam L16

   Holding an Acebeam L16 in one hand.

In terms of power the L16 sits at the top of the Acebeam line and has become a favourite for military, law enforcement, hunting, outdoor activities, and more. It is compatible with a number of accessories for hunting and tactical use. It is USB side-rechargeable for quick and easy charging.

⦁ LED: Cree XHP35 Hi, Max 2000 lumens output using 1*18650 battery
⦁ Five brightness modes ranging 1 to 2000 lumens
⦁ Strobe mode for tactical and emergency use
⦁ Working voltage: 3V to 6V
⦁ Max runtime: 500 hours
⦁ Max beam distance: 603 meters, peak beam intensity: 90800cd
⦁ Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long run time
⦁ Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety
⦁ USB rechargeable for battery-in charging
⦁ Aircraft grade aluminum body structure, premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
⦁ Tactical knurling for firm grip
⦁ Impact resistant under water: 1.2 meters
⦁ Waterproof to IPX8 standard, 2 meters

See the Acebeam L16 here


Nitecore MH25GTS


The Nitecore MH25GTS is a stronger upgrade to the previous MH25. It serves as an excellent tactical and outdoor flashlight with five brightness levels and three special modes, all in a sturdy and easy-to-use design.

⦁ Utilizes CREE XHP35 HD LED, with a maximum output of 1,800 lumens
⦁ Maximum peak beam intensity of 23,100cd and maximum throw of 304 meters
⦁ High efficiency constant circuit provides stable output up to 250 hours
⦁ Metal side switch controls 5 brightness levels (1-1800 lumens) and 3 special modes (strobe, beacon, SOS)
⦁ Power indicator beneath the side switch indicates the remaining battery power, can also display battery voltage (±0.1V)
⦁ Built-in Li-ion battery charging circuit with a Micro-USB port for battery-in charging
⦁ NITECORE 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (NL1835HP 3,500mAh) included
⦁ Optical lenses with double-sided scratch resistant coating
⦁ Rigid double layer tube design
⦁ Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy, HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
⦁ Waterproof in accordance with IPX8 (2 meters submersible)
⦁ Impact resistant to 1 meter

See the Nitecore MH25GTS here


Nitecore MH27


The colourful Nitecore MH27 is a highly versatile light designed for law enforcement, hunting, and tactical applications. In addition to a powerful main beam, it is equipped with red, green, and blue LEDs ideal for low-light tracking and other activities. It also has a variety of special modes including strobe, SOS, and location beacon.

⦁ Maximum beam intensity up to 53,500cd, maximum beam distance up to 462 meters
⦁ 4 brightness levels (1-1000 lumens) and 6 colour/special modes are easily accessible via dual side switches
⦁ 3 colour LEDs useful for map reading, blood tracking, or low-light hunting
⦁ Direct access to turbo and red modes
⦁ High efficiency constant current circuit enables maximum output up to 1,000 lumens
⦁ Intelligent memory function for brightness levels and special modes (except SOS and location beacon)
⦁ Uses one 18650 Li-ion battery for maximum runtime up to 708 hours
⦁ A power indicator built into the side switch indicates remaining battery power accurate to 0.1V
⦁ USB rechargeable for battery-in charging
⦁ Stainless steel retaining ring protects core components from damage
⦁ Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
⦁ Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, HAIII military grade hard-anodized
⦁ Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (submersible to two meters)
⦁ Impact resistant to 1.5 meters

See the Nitecore MH27 here


Acebeam E10


The canister-like Acebeam E10 comes in three LED versions: white, red, and green. Choose the colour versions if you want a compact handheld dedicated to throwing a single colour and throwing it far. These colour LEDs far outshine those included in multipurpose models.

⦁ Made of durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with premium type Ⅲ hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
⦁ Highly integrated side switch for all easy operation
⦁ Streamlined body with slim head design
⦁ Knurling and polishing finish provide a secure grip
⦁ Five brightness levels, max brightness 760 lumens (white version) / 250 lumens (red version) / 1050 lumens (green version)
⦁ Emergency strobe setting
⦁ Low battery voltage warning with flickering
⦁ Lockout mode to prevent accidental activation
⦁ Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max. performance and long run time
⦁ Underwater 2 meters submersible
⦁ 1 meter impact resistance

See the Acebeam E10 here


Fenix HM61R Headlamp


Fenix's HM61R is a tough and versatile headlamp designed for industrial and other high-stress fields. It is equipped with both white and red LEDs ideal for low light conditions. It can also be detached and used as a handleld, and a strong magnetic tail lets it be easily mounted on any metal surface.

⦁ Luminus SST40 white and red LEDs, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
⦁ Five brightness levels (5-1200 lumens) plus three Red LED modes (Low, medium, Flash)
⦁ Simple operation with large side switch
⦁ Powered by a 18650 or 2 CR123A batteries
⦁ Magnetic charging for easy and fast operation
⦁ Battery level and charging indication
⦁ Magnetic tail, right-angled lighting
⦁ Made of quality aluminum and PC
⦁ Digitally regulated circuit for maintaining a stable output
⦁ Intelligent memory circuit recalls the last used brightness level

See the Fenix HM61R here


Acebeam and Nitecore Colour Filters


The Acebeam red and green colour filters fit the Acebeam L16, EC50, and EC60, letting you quickly replace lenses to convert white beam to colour for night vision and use. Compared to most flashlights with built-in colour LEDs this allows for greater brightness of coloured light if needed.

⦁ Green light ideal for hunting hog and vermin, red light effective for coyote and other predators
⦁ Colour lenses made of translucent high quality resin
⦁ High light transmission, heat resistant
⦁ Disk held on the support with replaceable ring screw
⦁ Durable and reliable - impact-proof and waterproof
⦁ Aluminum frame threaded to screw perfectly on compatible flashlights
⦁ Lens framed with high quality rubber, compression resistant to aging

Nitecore NFR50 red filter for 50 mm diameter flashlights   

The Nitecore NFR50 red and NFG50 green filters (sold separately) are slip-on filters designed for the Nitecore MT40, MT40GT, P30, P36, TM06 and TM06S flashlights. They are also compatible with any other lights with a 50mm bezel head.

⦁ Easy to use - easily fit onto the head of your flashlight and securely stay in place
⦁ Quality construction - made from a durable high quality rubber
⦁ Side loop for easy carry - just attach to a key ring or lanyard (not included)


Acebeam colour filters                    Nitecore colour filters


Nitecore GM03 Rifle/Shotgun Barrel Mount

The Nitecore GM03 is a sturdy and versatile clamp used to fasten a flashlight securely to your firearm. This mount is compatible with any flashlight with a body diameter of 0.3-1.1", allowing you to pick whichever light you prefer for your tactical lighting purposes.

⦁ Compatible with Nitecore Flashlights: SRT6, SRT7, MT2C, MT25, MT26, MT40, MT40GT, MH25, MH40, MH40GT
⦁ Widely adjustable to fit any flashlights of diameter 0.3-1.1" (8-28 mm)
⦁ Allen wrench included, for simple attachment and removal
⦁ Crafted from aerograde aluminum alloy

Nitecore GM03 mount


Nitecore GM02-40-40 Weapon Mount


This is Nitecore's new picatinny rail mount version for tactical flashlights for this model in 2019. The new GM02 features an upgraded mount construction with HA III military grade aluminum.

⦁ Fits Nitecore MT25, MT40GT, MT42, MT40GTR and NEW P30 (21700) flashlights
⦁ Also fits Acebeam L16 and other lights with body diameter of 1" (25.4 mm)
⦁ Spring loaded clamp mounts to rifles securely yet is easy to put on and take off
⦁ Robust HAIII military grade hard-anodized aluminum
⦁ Built with aero grade aluminum alloy

Nitecore GM02-40-40 mount


Acebeam L16 Remote Pressure Switch


This remote switch is designed for the Acebeam L16 flashlight. It gives you full control of a gun-mounted light without needing to take a finger off your weapon.

⦁ 40 cm coiled, up to 100 cm extended
⦁ Three individual switches let you activate strobe, normal cycling, or full power functions
⦁ Flashlight side switch functionality is conserved and can be activated independently from the pressure switch
⦁ Pressure pad cover made from durable colloidal silica
⦁ Coiled cable made from resilient PU material
⦁ Tail adaptor connection to flashlight made from T6-grade aluminum with Type III hard-anodized finish for anti-scratch and anti-abrasive durability
⦁ Waterproof to IPX-8 standard

Acebeam L16 Remote pressure switch


Nitecore RSW1 Remote Pressure Switch


This remote switch lets you control a variety of mounted Nitecore flashlights, including:
MT2C, MT25, MT26, MT40, MH2C, MH25, MH40, P25, SRT6, SRT7, P12, P15, P16, CR6, CG6, CB6, CU6 & Ci6

⦁ Coil cable extends up to 40cm
⦁ Momentary activation via any of the three sensors on the pad, plus separate on/off switch on side of tail cap for permanent on
⦁ 3-button switch with the ability to change modes
⦁ Coiled cord for easy, versatile mounting options

Nitecore RSW1 Remote pressure switch



Warning: These LED lights are high power and should not be shone directly at the eye. We do not condone the use of spotlighting where illegal. Make sure you are familiar with night hunting laws in your region before heading out. We are not responsible for damage or harm resulting from misuse of our lights.


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