Flashlights forms to be an essential security tool. Security guards need the best products in their hand to offer their best services. Even if they are working a day-shift, a flashlight is highly useful for facing difficult situations inside a dark room or area. So, here is the list of some of the most popular flashlights which serve every purpose of security guards efficiently.

Helping others sleep and live safely is not an easy job. Thankfully, there are some brave-hearted people, whom you call security guards and officers, who put their lives at risk and let you breathe in a safer environment. Definitely, they have one of the toughest jobs as while protecting people and property, they need to fight with numerous environmental and external factors. Day or night, hot days of summer or cold nights of winters, these guards are ready to face everything which hampers your safety.

As per the nature of their jobs, it’s no surprise that these guards and officers need the best tools and equipment. While they need to carry lots of gear, the most valuable and necessary tool is the tactical flashlight. But not just any simple flashlight will work!

Below are listed some extra ordinary flashlights which are a must have for every security guard.



Guess what? This amazing product can blaze forth to reach an incredible 401 yards. Imagine how helpful it will be for security personnel? Yes, Nitecore P12GT is a longer-throwing upgrade which uses a CREE XP-L LED. Thus, it comes with 200% more intensity. Catering 1000 lumens across four brightness levels, it is an ideal tool to keep one ready for whatever scenario they come across. Here is a sneak peek into some features:

  • Crystal Coating Technology with Precision Digital Optics Technology
  • Beam intensity of 25,700cd to throw distance up to 320 meters
  • Convenient side switch easily toggles for setting brightness level
  • Special modes of strobe, SOS, or beacon
  • Strike-ready bezel for greater protection and emergency preparedness
  • Intelligent memory function stores
  • Anti-reflective coated and ultra-clear mineral toughened glass
  • Circuit board with 520 hours runtime on low level
  • Side switch interface
  • Advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology

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If it is about reliability and safety, it stands out offering 1000-lumen brightness. It comes with a protective circuit. So, in case it gets overcharged or over-heated, due to improper battery installation or low battery voltage, you don’t need to worry much. While this features strobe mode, additionally there are five different modes to make it more helpful, when dealing with outdoor situations. Below listed are essential key features:

  • Optimum output-to-weight ratios
  • 1000 lumen maximum output
  • Micro-USB rechargeable

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It is recommended highly due to its astonishing features. The unit carries power with 3200 lumens in mode 1 with a runtime of 2 hours 30 min. Then in the mode 2, it runs with 1500 lumens for around 2 hours 40 minutes. It can also be run in mode 3 for 7 hours 30 minutes at 400 lumens. And last mode: 50 hours at 60 lumens. Being a medium flashlight, it does not need the batteries to come out. Hence, it turns out to be a perfect tool for the security officers.

A look into the features;

  • Utilizes Cree XHP70 cool white LED; light output ranges from 50 to 3200 lumens
  • Orange peel reflector paired with a slightly concave, coated lens to create a balanced beam
  • Low power/lockout indicator under the side switch that glows red when the battery is running low or being hit under lockout mode
  • Chamfered design above the side switch leaving more room for the thumb to make it easier and more comfortable for easy operation
  • Easy and convenient operation: when the light is off, press and hold the side switch to access the low light mode, double click to activate turbo, and triple click to access the strobe mode
  • Rechargeable through the magnetic charging cable provided with a charging current of 1A
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    Being equipped with such types of flashlights make guards more confident. Hence, for better security, it is vital to choose the right flashlight.

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