Red light for better visibilities.
The red LED is not as bright as the white LED to the human eye, but it protects your night vision by giving you light while allowing your eyes to adjust to the dark. It doesn't ruin your night vision like white or yellow lights do, and you can see clearly when you turn off the red lights. If you use bright white light, it will take a while for your eyes to adjust to seeing in the dark again when the white light is turned off. If your eyes are tuned for night vision, it's best to use the red LED to navigate in the dark.
*The red light doesn't attract mosquitoes as much as white or yellow lights, especially in a humid and hot environment, imagine how annoying it is to imagine the scene of swarming mosquitoes flying above your head.
*The Red light is a universal signal for attention, having a signal and safety in an emergency is a good thing, and compared with white LEDs, the faint red light is invisible and can be used in tactical fields.
The #Acebeam #H30 main light uses 70.2 LED and provides a maximum brightness of #4000lm. It is powered by a 5100mAh #21700 battery, and the commonly used 1000lm brightness can work continuously for up to 3 hours! In addition, the combination of auxiliary lights includes red + green, red + UV, and red + CRI LED, which can meet your application in various scenarios.
Red light for better vision.
red light for visibilities.

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