Acebeam IMR 21700NP 510A Built in Micro USB Rechargeable Battery / Power Bank

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We do not shipped lithium batteries to the USA.


The new Acebeam IMR21700NP 510A battery is a revolutionary battery designed with a built-in micro-USB charging port making charging easier than ever! No more need for an extra charger as this battery can be charged directly using a standard micro-USB charging cable. Simply plug the battery into an available power source and a red indicator light under the + pole (positive) will turn green upon completion. Alternatively, these batteries can still be charged on an external charger if desired. 

The Acebeam 21700 Li-ion battery is designed for powering high-drain LED flashlights. This rechargeable IMR battery has an impressive 5100mAh capacity that can be used to power the T36 light for 20 days. The Acebeam 21700 battery features lithium manganese oxide chemistry, which provides incredible stability and power. In fact, this rechargeable cell is able to provide up to 20A of current, thus making it the perfect power source for premium lights and other portable electronics. The Acebeam 21700 battery is a larger and stronger power source than the more commonly-known 18650 and will take your premium devices to the next level in performance.


  • L-ion IMR chemistry is potent yet stable, providing a reliable power source for portable electronic devices
  • Defective product covered under the manufacturer's 1-year warranty


  • Battery Size: 21700
  • Battery Chemistry: Li-ion IMR
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Nominal Capacity: 5100 mAh
  • Estimated Charge Cycles: 500 cycles
  • Max Discharge Current: 20A
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to 176°F (-30°C to 80°C)
  • Dimensions: Length - 2.756" (70 mm)
  • Diameter - 0.827" (21 mm)

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