EagleTac D25LC2 XP-G2 R5 LED Flashlight

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The D25LC2 XP G2 is equipped with the CREE XP-G2 R5 LED. It is now brighter than before with a maximum lumen power of 530 at the high mode and it can be run for an hour and a half on this setting. You can extend the runtime to 20 hours by switching to the medium power setting of 172 lumens which is still very bright. On the low setting, if you really need to draw it out, you can get it to go for 100+ hours on 5 lumens. The battery types it can use also vary and it is good to have options, the battery types are: 2xCR123A, 2xRCR123A, or 1x18650 li-ion.


EagleTac D25LC2 XP G2 Spec

LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Length, Body Diameter, Head Diameter) Weight Battery
CREE XP-G2  4/7 output levels IPX-8 120mm (Length)x22.5mm (Bezel Diameter) 49g 1x18650 / 2xCR123A
General Mode
  Turbo High Mid Low
Output (LED lumens) 530 365 48 8
Output (ANSI FL-1 lumens) 379 264 35 6
Runtime (2xCR123A) 1.5h 2.5h 18h 100h
Runtime (1x18650) 1.8h 3h 33h 150h
Distance (151 m)


  • Battery
    2 x CR123A battery, 2 x RCR123A or 1 x 18650 li-ion
    Operating Voltage Range: 2.7V to 8.4V
    (Flat top AW 18650 are not compatible with this model)

    XP-G2 R5
    Led lumen: 5305/365/48/8
    ANSI FL-1 lumen: 3795/264/35/6

    Turbo boost technology is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 20% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode.

    Runtime (2xCR123A)
    C1500RC: 1.5/2.5/18/100+ hours

    Runtime (1x18650)
    C1500RC: 1.8/3/33/150+ hours

    XM-L uses C1500RC

    High Efficient
    Current regulated for all output levels

    Easy to use
    Four brightness levels. Two group outputs. Seven auxiliary modes. Programmable options.

    Ultra Compact Design
    Measures only 4.5 inches
    Weight only 1.7 oz Truly compact light.

    Tail-stand ability
    Light candle
    Place the flashlight on any flat surface to light up the surrounding.

    Programmable Features
    Moonlight output - dim or increase the entire output range of the group 1 output. Toggle this setting starting with head loosen, turn on the light, and then repeat tight and loose for three times.

    Reverse polarity protection
    Your safety is our first priority
    Inserting battery in the wrong direction may lead to serious damage to the flashlight and the battery. We incorporate a physical structure to protect against reverse polarity without compromise (battery with a protruding button top is required).
    • Length: 4.5 inch (11.5 cm)
    • Body Diameter: 0.85 inch (2.2 cm)
    • Head Diameter: 0.9 inch (2.25 cm)
    • Body Weight: 1.7 ounces (49 grams) (excluding batteries)
    • Paracord lanyard
    • O ring
    • holster
    • cr123 battery holder
    • and user’s manual
  • 1) Press on the switch button until it clicks to turn on the flashlight. To switch off the light, press the switch again until it clicks.

    2) Switching between group output:With the flashlight on, tight the head to access group 2 output. Loose the head to access group 1 output.

    3) Switching between modes: With the flashlight on, slightly press the switch and release (within 1.5s) to switch to the next output.

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