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MAXTOCH was founded in 2009 by EST Group Co., Ltd., which specializes in R&D, manufacturing and selling professional portable lighting tools, including hunting thrower flashlights and headlamps, law enforcement flashlights, search and rescue lights, outdoor and every day carry lights and accessories, etc. As a nominated supplier of law enforcement departments, border troops and sport chain stores all over the world, MAXTOCH products offer military standard performance and high reliability. MAXTOCH is filled with dedicated people who are keen to innovative technology and always pay close attention to customers' requests. They use their own products every day to find out if there is any improvement could be done. By adopting customers' advice, concentrating on the latest lighting technology and solutions, MAXTOCH satisfies customers' pursuit of high quality illumination tools with the highest standard. MAXTOCH is always standing by you.

What's more they are the designated military and police lighting tools manufacturer. After years efforts in law enforcement and military products field, MAXTOCH established long-term cooperation with military products manufacturers. These companies are all top manufacturers in domestic market. They cooperate with these companies to develop and manufacture products with outstanding performance for worldwide hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.