EagleTac D3A Clicky Ti XM-L2 U4 or SST20 CRI95 LED pocket flashlight

LED: Combo #1 XM-L2 U4 CW
Sale price$90.00


D3A Clicky Ti uses the all-new high output A750 RC LED driver. It features high efficiency, clicky and twist head operation, programmable lower-low output mode, optional mode memory, hidden auxiliary modes, and most importantly fully supports single li-ion 14500.

We offer the highest and the latest bin available LED for maximum output. Get the XM-L2 U4 for max output and SST20 CRI95 neutral white LED for the best colour output.


  • New D3 body style
  • LED Copper MCPCB star board with DTP technology and direct heat path
  • Solid brass heatsink
  • Titanium built and glossy polished finish
  • Features very smooth thread
  • A750 circuit w/ li-ion support
  • Programmable last mode memory and lower-low settings
  • Pre-select output before turning on
  • White switch boot mixed with glow-in-the-dark powder
  • Harden surface treatment
  • AA/14500 flashlight. Must have for titanium collectors.
    Uses XM-L2 U4 LED, or SST20 CRI95 LED.

    Output: 405/232/16/2 LED lumen (XM-L2 U4)
    Output: 286/167/11/2 ANSI FL-1 lumen (XM-L2 U4)
    Runtime: 1/2.2/35/150+ hours

  • Five brightness levels twisty head
  • Reversed clicky tailcap switch for on/off 
  • Uses protected 1 x AA li-ion Battery 
  • Maximum beam distance: 99 yards (91 meters)
  • Up to 1hrs on MAX output, 150hrs on low output

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