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For anyone night riding, having a reliable set of bike lights is a must: something you can easily attach, remove, and recharge that will make it through your ride and give you the view of the dark that you need. If you're a serious night rider then these lights are for you. They come from the makers of some of the world's top LED flashlights, giving them unmatched brightness and durability that are sure to last your journeys on the road and offroad.


Fenix BC05R Multifunction Rechargeable Tail Light

Fenix's BC05R is a versatile and compact red tail light that is visible up to 200 meters away. It weighs less than an AA battery and can be easily attached and detached or worn on the body for night running.

⦁ Easily mounting/dismounting with silicon mounting strap
⦁ Single switch for easy and fast operation
⦁ 2 general and 2 flash output levels, max 10 lumens
⦁ Max runtime up to 72 hours with built-in 240 mAh Li-polymer battery, USB-C recharging
⦁ Body clip included allows multiple ways of wearing to serve as a headlamp, chest lamp or backpack light
⦁ Battery level indication and low-voltage warning reminds when battery charging is needed
⦁ IP66 rated protection, fully dustproof and waterproof to heavy rain and splashing
⦁ Impact resistant to 1 meter

See the Fenix BC05R here


Nitecore BR35 Rechargeable Bike Light

The award winning LED technology renowned from Nitecore flashlights has been adapted for this powerful all-purpose bike light. Using an innovative dual distance beam, it lights both near and far locations, while the patented diffuse reflection board eliminates front wheel dark zones left by other lights. It is fully rechargeable and offers multiple lighting modes and brightness levels ideal for any situation. The smart OLED display gives you all the information you need in real time. This truly is a next-level light for any biker.

⦁ 2 CREE XM-L2 U2 LEDs emit up to 1800 lumens
⦁ Flood lighting system provides 100° lighting angle
⦁ 3 modes adapted for city (short beam), road (long beam), or trail (dual beam)
⦁ 4 brightness levels plus caution light function
⦁ Maximum beam distance 176 meters
⦁ Simple three button user interface allows for toggling of light modes and brightness levels while on the wheel
⦁ Onboard OLED display shows mode, brightness, and battery life in real time
⦁ Built-in 6800mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 17 hours of runtime, micro USB rechargeable
⦁ Attachable remote switch provides convenient handlebar operation
⦁ Quick release mounting design allows for easy removal and attachment
⦁ Die cast unibody full metal housing
⦁ IPX7 fully waterproof
⦁ Impact resistant to 1.5 meters

See the Nitecore BR35 here


Nitecore BR25 Compact Bike Light

Nitecore's smaller BR25 also brings the innovation of its trusted flashlights into a reliable bike light package. More lightweight than the BR35 but not sacrificing on power, it still boasts an impressive 1400 max lumens and 163 meter throw. It is fully detachable for use as a handheld flashlight, and the sturdy military-grade aluminum construction known from Nitecore flashlights means it can be taken for any ride and back. The BR25 comes with a universal bike mount and 21700 battery included so you can get riding right away. Packed with plenty more features ideal for bikers, this light will make a reliable go-to for a variety of night riding situations.

⦁ Utilizes a Luminus SST-40-W LED with a max output of 1,400 lumens
⦁ Utilizes an OP reflector for a wide range soft beam
⦁ Max peak beam intensity of 6,700cd and max throw of 163 meters
⦁ Special diffuse reflection board to illuminate the blind spot under foot with close range beam
⦁ Non-disruptive cutoff beam design avoids shining into eyes of pedestrians and oncoming drivers
⦁ One side switch controls 4 brightness levels and Warning Flash mode
⦁ Powered by a 21700 high capacity Li-ion battery, also compatible with 18650 and CR123 batteries, to provide a runtime up to 60 hours
⦁ Power indicator beneath the switch indicates the remaining battery power, can also display the battery voltage (±0.1 V)
⦁ Tube constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HA III military grade hard-anodized finish
⦁ IP68 rating, fully dustproof and 2 meters submersible
⦁ Impact resistant to 1 meter
⦁ NITECORE 21700 Li-ion battery included
⦁ Bike mount included for quick dismounting

See the Nitecore BR25 here


Fenix ALB-10 Quick-release Bike Mount

Fenix Bike mount ALB 10 fits flashlights handbar with diameter of 22 mm to 35 mm.

This easy to install bike mount lets you instantly convert an LED flashlight into a bike front light. The unique split-type design allows for easy mounting and release – the flashlight mount unlocks easily from the handlebar bracket for quick attachment and detachment.

⦁ Split-type design for quick release
⦁ Fits 18mm–26mm diameter LED flashlights
⦁ Horizontal rotating 30 degree design adjusts to any locking angle
⦁ High-quality detachable rubber mats provide shock-resistant and slip-resistant grip without scratching the handlebar
⦁ Anti-aging, solid and able to withstand extended exposure to sunlight and rain

See the Fenix ALB-10 here


Nitecore BM03 Bike Mount

Nitecore BM03 Bike Mount

The universal bike mount which comes with the BR25 bike light, for sale separately as replacement or for compatibility with other lights. It can house similar size flashlights (body diameter ~1") as well as the BR35 bike light. It features a quick mount and dismount design for easy mounting and removal from the handlebar.

See the Nitecore BM03 here

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