Acebeam Colour filter for flashlights ACEBEAM L16 - EC50 - EC60 model FR30 Green and Red

Sale price$31.99 CAD



The lantern green colour is ideal for hunting.
Very durable and reliable - impact-proof and waterproof 
The majority of the game animals, are not sensitive to red light or green, for this reason the green light is ideal for hunting, so that you can detect and take aim without alerting the animals. Filter for green lantern.

Colour lenses made of translucent high quality resin.
High light transmission, heat resistant.
Aluminum frame with bottom threaded to fit perfectly in the flashlight. The disk is held on the support with a ring screw which can be replaced.

The filter is available in these colours: Red and Green diffuse.

Lens framed with rubber of high quality, compression resistant to aging.

Only red and green filters available. Sold together not separately.

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