Nitecore NFR60 60mm Red Filter or Nitecore NFG60 60mm Green Filters for Tactical LED Flashlights

Color: Combo #1 : Nitecore NFR60 - Red Filter
Sale price$23.99 CAD


Combo #1  Nitecore NFR60 Filter

Combo #2 Nitecore NFG60 Filter

  • VERSATILE USAGE - Designed for lights with a 60mm bezel, these filters are compatible with the Nitecore 
  • flashlights as well as other lights with a 60mm head.
  • TWO COLOR CHOICES - Green light is great for hog hunting and other varmints while red is commonly used for coyote hunting and for other predators.
  • EASY TO USE - The NFR60 and NFG60 easily fit onto the head of your flashlight and securely stay in place
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Made from a durable high quality rubber with a side loop for easy carry - just attach to a key ring or lanyard (not included).

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