Fenix Diffuser Tip in White for LD, PD Series (AD101-W)

Title: Fenix Diffuser Tip in white for LD , PD series ONLY (+$14.99 CAD shipping)
Sale price$9.99 CAD


  • For use for the following Fenix lights L1x, L2x, P1x, P2x, P3x, LD10, LD20, PD20, PD30. This is an attachment for Fenix flashlights which creates a softer light for use while reading in dark areas. Once attached, it can also be used as a camping light or signal lamp. Made out of the impact resistant material PC 2805.

  • High temperature resistance with good heat stability.

  • Easy to attach, easy to remove.

  • PLEASE NOTE: This diffuser tip will only work with the following lights in the Fenix Digital series: PD30, PD20, LD20, LD10, P3D, P2D, L1D, L2D, P1D, L1T/L2Tv2.0 (It will not work with first version L1T/L2T)

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