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Nitecore MH12GT USB RECHARGEABLE LED Flashlight Review

In this Review –

  • The Nitecore MH12GT – specs and features
  • Head-to-toe rundown of the flashlight
  • Accessories and battery run time
  • User experience and final thoughts

Here we are going to introduce the Nitecore MH12GT flashlight. This multi-functioning, USB-rechargeable LED flashlight comes with a packed maximum output of 1000 lumens through the CREE XP-L HI V3 LED bulb for beams with a peak distance of up to 320 meters. Whether needed for camping, enjoying the nighttime outdoors, or tactical and industrial settings, this compact flashlight is suitable for any scenario needing a reliable and powerful source of light.

Overview of the Nitecore MH12GT LED Flashlight


A head-to-toe rundown of the LED flashlight reveals a well constructed and durable casing supporting a 18650 (3500 mAh) Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Starting from head-to-toe, the flashlight comes with a nicely textured and durable tail cap enabling the on and off function of the flashlight. The raised tail cap switch also allows for comfortable momentary lighting of the bulb for those in need of a short power source and enough resistance for not having to fully press the switch to receive a light output. Running through the body of the flashlight we noticed the high quality threading of the surface and smooth black finish of the flashlight. With ample room for the addition of the provided tactical ring and lanyard, the flashlight can easily be changed for various kinds of use. Along the side close to the head of the flashlight we find the side switch that can adjust the intensity output and various function of the flashlight.


Nitecore MH12GT LED Flashlight Micro-USB rechargeable port

With a further look along the side of the flashlight we found the rubber cover for the micro-USB charging port for recharging the flashlight. Focusing our attention to the head of the flashlight showed the small and compact bulb through the toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating, proving for a highly reliable and bright flashlight.

Nitecore also does a good job with the optional accessories that can be added to the flashlight. With the simple removal of the tail cap by unscrewing it from the body of the flashlight, the tactical ring to prevent rollover and stability can easily be attached.



The lanyard also is easily able to be attached to the end of the body for handheld use and to prevent the flashlight from dropping from the hands.

Nitecore MH12GT with attachable lanyard

Along the body of the flashlight also is allocated space for the pocket clip for those looking to attach it. Extra O-rings come available for sealing the screws of the flashlight and increasing its water resistance along with an extra rubber covering for the micro-USB charging port. The included holster also allows for a secure and safe holder to keep the flashlight when storing.

The micro-USB charging wire includes the USB charging port that can be plugged into an adapter or any USB compatible port. All in all, the accessories aren’t anything new when it comes to your regular Nitecore flashlight products, but it comes with just enough to easily unbox and begin using with ease. Check out the pictures below.



Nitecore MH12GT includes multiple accessories for adjustable and optimal use

The flashlight also comes with one rechargeable 18650 (3400 mAh) Lithium-ion battery. However, the flashlight is also compatible with two CR123 and RC123 batteries, but the provided battery should be enough for operating this flashlight. The interior design of the flashlight also provides anti-short circuit protection, meaning that in the case of removing the battery and putting it back into place the wrong way, the flashlight will still be able to work upon removing the battery and placing it in properly.

The fun part of this blog comes with the user experience of the LED flashlight. Overall, the flashlight provides everything that is needed. The side switch is great for controlling the 4 levels of brightness and holding down the side switch easily switches the function of the light. The memory of the tail cap switch is also convenient, meaning that whatever brightness that the flashlight was closed on will be maintained upon switching the flashlight on again. Aside from adjusting the constant beam, the flashlight comes with a Strobe, an SOS, and a Beacon. The best setting for recreationally using the light was the second and third highest brightness levels. However, the difference between the lowest (1 lumen) and brightest levels (1000 lumens) allows for a fully convenient range of light needed, whether it be a low beam that’s easy on the eyes in small corners or a high beam that’s needed when being used in pitch black. With a battery run time of approximately 500 hours.



Nitecore MH12GT Micro-USB recharger with indicator light on battery capacity

The recharging of the flashlight is also quite simple. All that was required was turning on the flashlight and plugging in the micro-USB recharger into the port and the other end into an adapter or car adapter. The blue indicator light along the side switch was also very helpful in providing an estimate as to how much battery was left for operating the flashlight. The blue indicator light was very useful in providing an indication upon full battery or whether more time was needed.


Another great feature of the flashlight was that timely and extended use of the flashlight didn’t result in over heating of the flashlight, as some other flashlights will undergo under the same circumstances.

The Nitecore MH12GT comes with an LED secured by tough ultra-clear mineral glass with an anti-reflective coating

The rapid thermo dissipation of the light allows an extended and optimized functioning of the flashlight. Other than the downside that the flashlight modelled very similar to other straight rod high quality output flashlights, the distinguishing features were very helpful in proving that the MH12GT was superior in many aspects in the simple use and operation of the flashlight.

 Overhead shot of the Nitecore MH12GT - a reliable and solid flashlight

Final thoughts of the flashlight reveal a solid, reliable, and compact LED flashlight that is able to meet the requirements as a regular everyday use flashlight, but also endure and live up to the demands of heavy use for tactical and taxing environments. The simple design has the capability of a large range of brightness over four different levels, along with other lighting functions including Strobe, SOS, and beacon. The flashlight definitely receives the approval at J2LEDFLASHLIGHT and is recommended for those individuals looking for a reliable and solid flashlight to keep their paths lighted up all the way.