Flashlight 101 - Glossary of Terms

Get educated and learn the technology and meanings with our flashlight 101 Glossary of Terms.


18650 Lithium Ion Battery - 2200–3400mAh (Capacity), 3.7 volts, 18.6 +0/-0.7mm (Diameter), 65.2 +0/-1.0mm (Height), 45 ± 2.0 grams (Weight)

16340 Lithium Ion Battery - 700-1200mAh (Capacity), 3.6 volts, 17mm (Diameter), 34.5mm (Height), 14 grams (Weight)

17670 Lithium Ion Battery - 1800mAh (Capacity), 3.6 volts, 17mm (Diameter), 67mm (Height)


AA Battery - mAh CAPACITY 2700 (alkaline), 1100 (carbon–zinc), 3000 (Li–FeS2), 1700–2900 (NiMH), 600–1000 (NiCd), HEIGHT 49.2–50.5 mm, DIAMETER 13.5–14.5 mm, WEIGHT 15-31 grams

AAA Battery - mAh CAPACITY 1200 (alkaline), 540 (carbon–zinc), 800–1000 (NiMH), HEIGHT 44.5 mm, DIAMETER 10.5 mm, WEIGHT 7.6-15 grams

Ansi Lumen - Standardized measurement of light, particularly brightness.


Beam distance - Sometimes referred to “throw distance”, it is the distance a flashlight will effectively light up an object.

Bezel - a rim that holds a transparent covering like on the head of a flashlight for the lens.


Clicky Switch - It is a special kind of switch that clicks at a certain point when pressed, activating or deactivating the circuit. Comes in forward and reverse switches.

CR123A Battery - mAh CAPACITY 1500 (lithium), 700 (Li–ion rechargeable), Nominal voltage 3 (lithium), 3.6 (Li-ion), 34.5mm (Height), 14 grams (Weight)

CREE - Cree Inc. is a company engaged in the manufacture of semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) materials and devices that are used for LED flashlights.


EDC (Every Day Carry) - are tools, equipment and supplies one carries on a daily basis to aid one for everyday situations.

EagleTac - AKA EagleTac-EAGTAC designs and produces precision tactical flashlights. EagleTac LED flashlights have electronically-controlled output regulation and highly efficient multiple level brightness output control. Emitter - exudes signals like for beacons, lights, odours, liquids, fragrances, ionizing particles or any other type of signal.


Fenix - outdoor sports lighting brand known worldwide as a premium LED lighting brand committed be one of the best outdoors sports lighting brands in the world.

Flashaholic - Somebody who is really addicted to flashlights

Flood Beam - Light is spread instead of focused.

Focused Beam - Light is concentrated in one spot.


HID - means “high-intensity discharge” and this is commonly associated with lights/lamps.


Incandescent bulb - electric light bulb that produces light with the use of a filament wire which is heated up to a high temperature making it glow.


JETBeam - brand of high-end flashlight, the company specializing in advanced LED flashlights.


LED Lumen - Ansi measure for brightness.

Lens - an optical device which transmits and refracts light, concentrates or disperses light.

Lithium Battery - composed of lithium or lithium compounds as an anode.

Lithium Ion Battery - rechargeable battery that moves lithium ions from the negative electrode to the positive during discharge and back when charging.

Lumens - measure of light brightness


Momentary ON/OFF - switch that automatically turns off after being turned on.


Nitecore - Brand of flashlight established in 2004 that has now become a stable performer in the market today.

NiMH Battery (Nickel Metal Hydride) - rechargeable battery that uses positive electrodes of nickel oxyhydroxide (NiOOH) and negative electrodes are hydrogen-absorbing alloys.


Olight - flashlight company aimed at providing their flashlight to as many hands as possible.

Orange Peel Reflector - projects a smooth beam of light with little or no rings and holes.


Primary Battery - a battery that cannot be recharged.


Run time - the amount of time a flashlight will run on a specified lumen power.

Rechargeable Flashlight - a flashlight that you can recharge without having to take out the batteries.

Reflector - part of a flashlight that redirects or focuses the light.


Secondary Battery - a battery that you can recharge.

Smooth Reflector - projects a beam of light that has holes and rings.

Strobe - produces regular flashes of light.


Tactical Flashlight - illumination tool used in combat tactics to attain a goal.

Tail Cap - bottom of the flashlight and is usually the where the flashlight is opened and closed for battery insertion.

Tail Switch/Tail Button Switch - switch located at the tail cap that operates the flashlight.

Textured Reflector - another term for an orange peel reflector.

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