Flashlight Buyers Guide

A flashlight in this day and age is similar to a candle back in the days of old. There was a time when almost anyone had one in the home. Light changed the lives of people then and it continues to change lives today. Our lives are greatly dependent on light and when it goes out, these days the tool we turn to is a flashlight. In battling or conquering the darkness, you need a source of light that you can depend on and light the way.

Major Points to Consider When Choosing a Flashlight


The first thing to consider when you are in the market for a flashlight is the amount of money you are willing to pay for said flashlight. Budget is important because there are many flashlights in the market that are at different price points and what you are willing to pay or can afford is a great way to narrow down the field. This can keep you from straying and spending way too much on a flashlight.

When you have choices that range from less than a dollar to hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the choice gets harder unless you narrow it down a bit.


After considering the budget you have, you can then turn your attention to the purpose you intend for the flashlight to perform. This can get very complicated and there are many variations and roles these flashlights are intended for. Some even take on multiple roles and some do specific tasks. You may want some Emergency and Survival flashlights or a handheld flashlight you may want to carry around but whatever your purpose is, it will determine the flashlight you need. There are many kinds to consider like Cylindrical Handheld flashlights, Penlight flashlights, Head Mounted flashlights, Magnifying Head Mounted flashlights, Tactical flashlights, Diving flashlights, Wind Up flashlights and many more. When you have taken the time to get specific you can then move on to other considerations.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Flashlight


The brightness of the light is determined or measured in lumens and depending on your purpose for the flashlight the amount of light or lumens will be a very important consideration. You may want to go hiking at night and you need to illuminate the trail, 5-10 lumens should do the trick and should be sufficient. It would then be totally different for example if you are in a search party and you may need a minimum of 500 lumens and this can go to thousands.

Throw Distance

Throw Distance is also a critical consideration because how far that light reaches also relates to the purpose or role you have for the flashlight. In the hiking example, 5-10 lumens should be enough to light up 10-20 feet away. This would be insufficient though for fast movers like a person on a bike or a motorized vehicle. You would need to see farther away to plan your track 100 - 300 lumens or even brighter should be good enough. Throw distance is also very important in the search party example and the farther that light reaches the more ground is covered.

Battery Consumption/Battery Availability/Battery Compatibility

Having the flashlight is of no use when the batteries run out and you do not have readily available or compatible batteries to replace the spent ones with. Do keep that in mind because some have special batteries that cannot be bought just anywhere. The flashlight's power consumption is also to be considered because it may drink up that juice in moments and leave you in the dark. Most bright flashlights boast of mind blowing lumen power but they go through batteries so fast that they run for just a short time. A good balance of lumen power and battery consumption is ideal and when batteries are readily available you got it good. That becomes even better when you have a flashlight that is compatible with more than one kind of battery.

Final Thoughts

Of course a good flashlight needs to be constructed well to be sturdy because it is a tool that you will have to rely on when the time comes. The materials used for the flashlight may also be of some concern which can also impact weight concerns. It may also be important for some to have that flashlight watertight so check on that too. Most big name brands as well may be good choices as they have reached that status for a reason. EagleTac, Fenix, JETBeam, Olight and NITECORE are just some of the brands you can trust but there are certainly more to choose from. Whatever you decide to purchase, remember that it is an important tool that most people need if not everyone must have, so choose well and let that light shine.

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