Nitecore Tactical Case NTC10
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Nitecore Tactical Case NTC10

by: Nitecore


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The Nitecore NTC10 Tactical Case is made from high strength Cordura 1050D nylon, which is lightweight and water resistant. The case can be used in all weather conditions, with a coated surface that can be wiped clean.

Featuring a hypalon synthetic rubber Molle system, the NTC10 accepts modular attachment which enhances storage capacity. For example, a Nitecore NUP10, NUP20, NDP10 or NDP20 can be attached (sold separately). With this system on the front, the back of the case offers a hook and loop attachment for further storage or customization. 

The NTC10 has reinforced 'grab and go' handles to easily carry the case and robust, D-ring zips to access the compartment. 

Inside the case is expandable storage for increased capacity. This includes a zippered compartment, a main compartment and a detachable centre divider to separate and organize belongings. Both the main compartment and the divider have hook and loop surfaces, further increasing optional, additional storage facilities. 


  • Designed for gear storage, everyday carry and short trips
  • Cordura 1050D high strength abrasion resistant lightweight nylon fabric
  • Coated surfaces ensure excellent resistance to water
  • Frontal loop area for patch adhesion
  • Laser cutting Molle system on the back made from durable Hypalon synthetic rubber for modular attachment
  • Main padded compartment with loop surface to accommodate hook and loop organizers
  • Padded centre divider provides modular attachment capability and protects accessories
  • Zippered compartment allows for quick and easy access to all stored items
  • D rings allow for fully ambidextrous operation
  • Reinforced handheld grip
  • Weight: 18.2 oz. / 516 g without the hooks and loops.
  • Dimensions: 12.4" x 6.89" x 2.15" / 315 mm x 175 mm x 80 mm


Nitecore Tactical Case NTC10 does not include attachments.

Nitecore Tactical Case NTC10 must include at least 3 attachments purchases for this order.  

Attachments available:

Each piece sold separately. 


  • Universal CCW Holder fits most standard pistols.
  • Overall size:
  • Spine 6.89’’H x 2.01’’L (17.5cm x 5.1cm)
  • Retention Strap 9.37’’L x 2.01’’H (23.8cm x 5.1cm)

NHL01       $18.99 +  sales taxes

  • Two-loop holder to secure flashlights, ammo magazines or multi-tools.
  • Overall size: 4.45’’L x 2.28’’H (11.3cm x 5.8cm)
  • Each Elastic channels approx.: 2.2’’L x 1.5’’H (5.6cm x 3.8cm)

NHL02       $14.99 + sales taxes


  • Two-loop holder to secure flashlights, ammo or batteries.
  • Overall size: 3.15’’L x 1.5’’H (8cm x 3.8cm)
  • Each Elastic channels approx.: 1.54’’L x 0.98”H (3.9cm x 2.5cm)

NHL02S     $13.99 + sales taxes

  • Three-loop holder to secure flashlights, ammo magazines or multi-tools.
  • Overall size: 6.34’’L x 2.32’’H (16.1cm x 5.9cm)
  • Each Elastic channels approx.: 2.09’’L x 1.5’’H (5.3cm x 3.8cm)

NHL03        $14.99 + sales taxes

  • Four-loop holder to secure flashlights, ammo, ammo magazines or multi-tools.
  • Overall size: 6.34’’L x 2.32’’H (16.1cm x 5.9cm)
  • Each Elastic channels approx.: 2.83’’L x 1.5’’H (7.2cm x 3.8cm) / 1.14’’L x 1.5’’H (2.9cm x 3.8cm)

NHL04        $16.99 + sales taxes

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