Discover How Flashlights Changed the World

Discover How Flashlights Changed the World

What is handheld, can light up the dark, and is considered a must have tool for work and home? Flashlights! While they may seem innocent and mundane, our world would be much different if flashlights were never invented. This tool comes in multiple types, sizes, colours and power to fit any need you can think of, from playing with the house cat to finding someone lost in the woods. You will learn a little bit about where flashlights got their start and just how important they are – so let’s dive in.

The Flashlight was Born!

Flashlights got their humble beginning back in 1898 thanks to one man, Conrad Hubert. If you could see the early flashlight that Hubert created, you wouldn’t recognize it. After experimenting with many different materials, he achieved success with a small tube, fabric, a bulb and copper. The flashlight was born. While it may have been a crude version of what we have today, the flashlight changed the way we could carry light with us wherever we went. Thanks to this Conrad Hubert, we no longer had a need to carry a lantern to light our path through the dark. It was small enough to hold in your hand when you needed it and put it away when you were finished with it.

Today, most flashlights still hold the basic principal of using a battery for power, although there are solar and crank powered flashlights. Instead of the tube that the first flashlight was invented with, today’s flashlights are designed with durable metal and plastic outer casings that can handle being dropped and then some. Many flashlights are now equipped with LEDs which last longer and are much brighter than the traditional bulb. Another great feature you can easily find with new flashlights is the ability to withstand water.

What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You About the Types Of Flashlights

Since their invention flashlights have changed dramatically and improved in more ways than one. Now you can find flashlights for your keychain to spotlight flashlights that rescue and safety personnel are armed with. With multiple sizes and different bulb types, along with shapes and colours, the list of flashlights available is as long as the day. Here are a few flashlight categories that are worth mentioning.

1. Home and General:

    This is the most common flashlight you will find on the market. Ranging in size from small to large the uses are limitless. Great for camping and walking in the dark, looking under beds and in dark closets, and even for work, these flashlights are the go-to source for portable light. Due to their versatility and ease of storage, every house should have at least one of these flashlights with a fresh set of batteries in their home in case of emergencies.

    2. Tactical:

      These flashlights are typically used by the military and hunters. They are flashlights designed to go with weapons to illuminate the area in front of them or to blind with the concentrated beam of light any foe who stands in front of them. Due to their specific use, they are a size that can be mounted and not cause a distracting amount of additional weight for the person to bear while trying to aim their weapon.

      3. High powered:

        These flashlights are what you see search and rescue, law enforcement, and other rescue management services use. They are unique in that the amount of light they emit, Lumens, is rated higher than household flashlights. The situations and environments that they are put in require the brighter output of light to help responders see what they need to. Because of their use, they also tend to be more durable than general flashlights as well.


        The ability to carry light with us when we need it without trudging around a lantern or candle was a huge stepping stone for civilization. Could you imagine where we would be if the flashlight was never invented back in 1898? Neither can we. J2LedFlashlight is proud to offer a selection of flashlights to fit your specific needs; whether it’s tactical, household or high powered – we can light the path to the best options for you.

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