Nitecore TSL10i Signal Light

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NITECORE TSL10i 4r Color Signal Light Tailcap for P20i, and i4000R Flashlights

  • Compatible with i generation flashlights
  • Multiple flashing modes
  • Mode memory
  • Red/Blue police warning flashing

4 Color Signal Light Tailcap for P20i and i4000R

The TSL10i is an upgraded tailcap that maintains all of the original goodies and adds more - four more. Encircling the familiar dual function tail switch and mode pedal, with Nitecore's patented Strobe Ready Technology TM, is a LED ring with four different signal indicators. The TSL10i's signal ring can be set to blink blue, red, green, white, or alternating blue and red. This signal ring is independent of the flashlight and can work while the main light is on or off, providing you a host of tactical options in visual identification.

Plug and Play Simple Installation and Operation

Installation and operation of the TSL10i is incredibly simple. Just replace the standard tailcap on your P20i or i4000R. You will notice a tactile switch on the side of the tailcap that controls the signal ring. Hold this button and the TSL10i will cycle from blue - red - green - white - police (blue & red), release the switch at the desired setting and the TSL10i will start operating in that mode. To turn off the TSL10i just tap the side button. The mode memory function will return the TSL10i back to the setting you were using previously for subsequent activations.

Ready for Duty

The efficient LEDs of the TSL10i draw power straight from the flashlight's battery. The four single color flashes all last over 300 hours or 12 days. These can be used as an emergency signal or beacon. The red blue police warning can last over 72 hours giving duty personnel more than an entire day of field use! Built from the same tough HA III finished aero-aluminium the TSL10i brings new strengths and no weakness to your tactical light.

Contents in Package: Nitecore TSL10i tailcap


Dimensions L-1.82"xW-1.26"xH-1.26"
Weight 1.2oz


Blue Flashing 330 hr
Red Flashing 360 hr
Green Flashing 300 hr
White Flashing 300 hr
Red/Blue Police Warning Flashing 72 hr

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