Nitecore RSW3 Remote Pressure Switch for NEW P12, MH12 v2, MH12S tactical and NEW P30 Flashlights

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Easy Installation
Take your NITECORE NEW P12, MH12 v2, MH12S tactical and NEW P30 long throw flashlights to the next level with the NITECORE RSW3 pressure switch. Just replace the original tail cap with the pressure switch, and position the pressure pad where you can easily access it. The tough durable coil cable is only a foot long when compressed and is tight and secure preventing snags. When fully stretched it can extend up to 22 inches so it work on almost any platform no matter how long.

Easy to Use
The RSW3 gives you two new ways to use your light: the side switch on the tail cap or the pressure pad. For constant on and off, click the tail cap side switch. The tail cap switch preserves mode memory and will return your light to the setting you were on before you turned it off. To operate the pressure pad, while the light is off, press and hold the pressure pad for momentary on light and release when you are done. Of course both the NEW P12, MH12 v2 and NEW P30 comes with a side switch on the flashlight body which is used to cycle through the brightness settings and special modes. Add this great accessory to your new light and let the RSW3 help keep you ready for action with no surprises or distractions.

Tail Diameter 1.13'' (28.6mm)
Compatible Models NEW P12 - NEW P30 - MH12 V2 - MH12S
Length (compressed) 12 in
Length (extended) 22 in
Pressure Pad Length 2 in
Dimensions L-12"xW-1.13"xH-2"
Weight 2oz






    Flashlight not included. Use for illustration only.

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