Nitecore NWE30 Emergency Electronic Whistle buzzing with 120 dB Output and Beacon Flashing Of 2000 Lumens.

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The NITECORE NWE30 is officially released now as an innovatively designed emergency gadget. It is an ultra compact emergency electronic whistle with an easily operable twist-and-buzz interface. Instead of the conventional method of whistle blowing, it aims to save the necessary energy for the user when a severe injury, hypothermia or hyposthenia occurs. The Omnidirectional Sound Diffraction System enables a signal transmission in all directions. When it is activated, it will buzz once every 10 seconds. Simply loosen the tail cap to turn it on and tighten the tail cap to turn it off.

Specially utilizing 4 x Luminus SST-20-W LEDs with a cylindrical PC diffuser, the NWE30 is able to emit 360° beacon flashing of 2,000 lumens automatically at night or in the dark when activated in an emergency situation during your outdoor adventures in the forest, the cave or the night trek. From night to day, it will automatically turn off the beacon flashing to save power and ensure a sufficient runtime.

Providing the golden 72 hours runtime with the included CR123A battery, the NWE30 aims to seize your best opportunity of being rescued. The compact body within your palm has a weight of only 35g (1.23oz). With the base constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HA III military grade hard-anodized finish featuring excellent solidness and durability, it is all weather applicable with IP68 rating.

Warnings : 1. Due to the loud buzzing of 120dB and the beacon flashing of 2,000 lumens, it is recommended to cover the PC shell with the hand to avoid getting startled before tightening the tail cap.

  1. Ensure the battery is inserted with the negative end towards the spring. The product will not work if the battery is incorrectly inserted. 
  2. CAUTION! Possible dangerous radiation! Don't look into the light! May be dangerous for your eyes. 
  3. Please DO NOT put it close to the ears to avoid harm to the hearing when the product is working.
  4. The standby time is approx. 6 months when a 1,600mAh CR123A battery is inserted. 

Smart Sensor Beacon Flashing  The NWE30 has a smart sensor beacon flashing function. When it is turned on in the dark, it will automatically activate the beacon flashing and cycle through the following modes: "Buzzing — Off — Beacon Flashing — Off — Beacon Flashing — Off" 


Market application: Outdoor/Camping 


    • Emergency Electronic Whistle with a buzzing output of 120dB 

    • Omnidirectional sound diffraction system
    • Smart sensor beacon flashing automatically in the dark with a brightness output of 2,000 lumens
    • Utilizes 4 x Luminus SST-20-W LEDs with a cylindrical PC diffuser to emit 360° beacon flashing

    • Powered by 1 x CR123A battery with a max runtime of 72 hours

    • Ultra compact, lightweight and durable design with a simple user interface

    • Rating in accordance with IP68 (2 meters submersible)

    • Impact resistant to 1 meter 

    • Diameter : 25 mm
    • Height : 67 mm
    • Weight : 35 g
    • Key Clasp
    • Spare O ring
    • cr123a battery

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