Nitecore LR40 Lantern Multifunctional USB C Rechargeable Camping Lantern

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NITECORE Multifunctional USB-C Rechargeable Camping Lantern

As a new member of the NITECORE Lantern Series, the LR40 is designed with a retro style, which can be used as a camping lantern, ambient light, auxiliary light or decorative light.


The LR40 is available with 3 light sources to produce a 360° omnidirectional illumination with a max output of 100 lumens. Apart from the natural White Light, it can also offer the Warm Light provided by the tungsten filament-like LED while Red Light SOS is able to be turned on to alert rescuers in an emergency,

 The Knob Switch can be used for turning on/off the light and adjusting brightness in a stepless way. Built-in 4,000mAh Li-ion battery, it can provide a max runtime of 65 hours, a nighttime companion for 8 nights. Available with USB-C input and USB-A output, it is able to be used as a power supply.

 In addition, there are multiple ways to use the LR40 — placing, handheld, or hanging in the tent while the handle comes with a convex design for more stable hanging. What's more, the LR40 has a premium and reliable construction. ABS plastic housing is durable and impact resistant and the stable metal base is designed with high hardness protection.

Lighting Mode Warm Light White Light Warm White Light Red Light SOS

Min Max Min Max Min Max /
15 Lumens 80 Lumens 15 Lumens 50 Lumens 10 Lumens 100 Lumns 10 Lumens
Run Time 45 h 15 h 38 h 10 h 65 h 8 h /


 Note: The stated data is measured by using the built-in Li-ion battery (4,000mAh 3.7V) under laboratory conditions. The data may vary in real world use due to different battery usage or environmental conditions.

    • Multifunctional USB-C rechargeable camping lantern
    • 3 light sources and 1 special mode with a max output of 100 lumens and stepless brightness adjustment
    • Built-in 4,000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery • Built-in intelligent Li-ion battery charging and discharging circuit, available to be used as a power supply
    • USB-C input port and USB-A output port
    • Handle designed on the top, ideal for various environments
    • Size : 117 mm x 98 mm x 96 mm
    • Weight : 222 g
    • USB cable

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