EagleTac GX30L2R-D KIT CREE XP-L HI V3 Version Throw Distance LED Flashlight

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We have the Cool White LED which is the CREE XP-L HI V3 LED for the GX30L2DR. With the optimized throw this will give you the maximum brightness output of 1700 lumen and beam distance of 530 yards. The new C1300 SW II charging circuit quickly charges battery to 80% capacity in just two hours (R19 battery pack). This kit version includes trusted UL/PSE listed miniature wall charger (EU customers get TUV/CE certified charger).


EagleTac GX30L2R-D Spec

LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Width, Length, Diameter) Weight Battery
CREE XP-L HI V3 Cool White LED 5 output levels IPX-8 215mm (L)x25mm (Body Dia.)x25.4mm(Head Dia.) 270g(includes batteries) 7.4V rechargeable li-ion 


    • LED: Cool White - CREE XP-L HI V3 Cool White LED
    • Max output: LED lumen: 1700, ANSI FL-1 lumen: 1250
    • Reflector: Smooth aluminum reflector
    • Material: HAIII hard anodization aerospace aluminum
    • Waterproof: IPX-8 standard

    Beam Profile
    • Beam distance: 530 yards / 486 meters

    Five brightness levels (SPOT only)
    • Led lumen: 1700-1353/873/350/137/20
    • ANSI FL-1 lumen: 1250-1075/692/278/108/17

    Runtime (SPOT only)
    • 1.3/2.5/7.8/24/150+ hours (R19)
    • 1.8/3.3/10.3/31/200+ hours (R25)

    Five brightness levels (Diffuser only)
    • LED lumen: 820/400/155/60/8

    Runtime (Diffuser only)
    • 3/7.5/20/60/150+ hours (R19)
    • 4/10/26/78/200+ hours (R25)

    Five brightness levels (SPOT + Diffuser)
    • Diffuser LED lumen: 800/350/125/41/4
    • SPOT LED lumen: 800/390/140/44/4

    Runtime (SPOT + Diffuser)
    • 1.5/3.8/12/40/150+ hours (R19)
    • 2/5/16/52/200+ hours (R25)

    Three hidden auxiliary outputs
    • Disoriented Strobe/Beacon (1.67Hz)/S.O.S.


    • Energy saving feature reduce the maximum output current from 100% to 85% after 200 seconds at turbo output.
    • Head Diameter: 1.6 inches (39.5 mm)
    • Body Diameter: 1 inches (25.4 mm)
    • Length: 8.5 inches (215 mm)
    • Weight
      • 9.6 ounces (270 grams),includes batteries
      • 6.1 ounces (173 grams),excludes batteries
    • Spare o-rings
    • User Manual
    • Mil-Spec Para-cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip
    • Silicon waterproof cap
    • Flat tail-stand tailcap
    • Rigid nylon holster w/ retention device
    • 7.4V 3400mAh (R25) rechargeable li-ion battery pack using authentic Panasonic Japanese cells
    • 2V car charger adapter w/ 6 foot heavy duty high current cord
    • (US) UL certified/listed, PSE certified/listed 12V 1A wall miniature charger
  • All EagleTac flashlights are designed to use “button-top” battery (battery with protruding positive terminal). For rechargeable li-ion battery, use only EagleTac li-ion battery, or other protected li-ion battery with compatible length and diameter. Before using the battery, check and ensure the battery outer wrapping (the isolating plastic film that wraps around the metal housing of the battery) is complete. Broken battery wrapping may lead to short circuit and damage to the flashlight.

    Lithium and Li-ion battery can explode or cause burns if disassembled, shorted, or exposed to high temperature. Do not mix new and used batteries. Do not mix batteries with different brand, capacity, voltage, or install batteries backwards.

    NiMH rechargeable battery may release gas during discharge. If you experience an inflated switch boot or find high pressure being built inside the flashlight, switch off the flashlight immediately. Slowly loosen the tail-cap to reduce the internal pressure and replace all batteries.

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