Tactical Flashlight

To understand the concept of a tactical flashlight we can break down the term to its two components, tactical and flashlight and there we can begin to better analyze and understand what it means. Merriam-Webster’s short definition of the word tactical is “of or relating to combat tactics,” tactics, also from Merriam-Webster’s definition, means “the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end” and a flashlight is “a small battery-operated portable electric light.” From here we can now formulate a definition that a tactical flashlight is a small battery-operated portable electric light used in combat tactics as a tool employed to accomplish an end.

Often used together with a firearm, the tactical flashlight complements the operator’s ability to perform the job, particularly in low light and dark conditions. It enables the operator to acquire targets and threats better to eliminate or disable. These tactical flashlights are often very bright with a focused beam of light that is achieved with the use of high output LEDs and a deeply recessed reflector. They are commonly lightweight, tough, and reliable flashlights. While they are almost always fixed to a firearm there are users who prefer to use it as a handheld tool particularly for handgun users. Their variants are plentiful, some have different coloured lights, special filters, mounts, switches, functions and some have specialized accessories that enable them to do more and get the job done.

Without a firearm these tactical flashlights can also provide a non-lethal means to disable a threat by temporarily blinding or disorienting them, enough time for you to make the finishing blow or to perform a quick getaway. Get the job done with the right illumination tools in either low light or darkness, use a tactical flashlight.

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