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Not just a leader in China as a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing, Fenix is also one of the forerunners in the outdoor sports lighting market. Some outdoor sports lighting tools such as flashlights, headlamps, and bike lights are just a few of what they are known for. You will see their LED flashlights in over 100 countries all over the world and their reach grows with every passing day. Innovations in lighting technology is very much a part of how they provide solutions to their consumers’ needs with the aim of developing LED lighting solutions or tools with high performance qualities and reliability that is combined with excellent craftsmanship to satisfy the high standards of their consumers. Their illumination tools are multi-functional and widely used in various situations including but not limited to camping, hiking, outdoor sports, industry, law enforcement, military, and EDC (Every Day Carry).

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 Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How many batteries does a Fenix Flashlight require?

If you look at each model it states the specification on how many batteries.

Some models will take one to as much as 6 batteries. Also looking at each model it takes different battery configurations such as AA, AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. If you want a high intensity flashlight, you should select flashlights which take CR123A or 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries or 14500 rechargeable lithium batteries.

  • How bright are Fenix flashlights?

If you look at the specs of each model it will list how bright they are.

Usually the higher the lumens ratings, the brighter it is.

But do not be fooled on the beam project. Some flashlights with 2000 lumens will give you a very floody beam with beam projects going sideways.

  • What options are available on Fenix Flashlights?
Every model is different. Look at the specs of each model and it will state the special features of each model.

  • Can these be used as an emergency flashlight?

Fenix flashlights are very reliable and can be used for emergency. Some models can be used for search and rescue lights.

  • Do the Fenix batteries expire?

Fenix batteries such as the 18650, 14500 and 16340 lithium batteries have no expiry date. Most rechargeable batteries have a warranty of one year and can charge 500 times. These questions are more meaningful:

  • What specifics should I look for when purchasing a Fenix flashlight or any flashlight?

When deciding on a flashlight, here are some criteria that you may consider:

1) What battery configuration you want to use?

AA batteries are widely available. 18650, 14500, 16340 rechargeable batteries can recharge 500 times. Rechargeable 18650 can withstand very cold temperatures but AA cannot.

2) Size. Do you want a large or small flashlight?

3) Beam projection. Do you want a flood beam or a long narrow beam?

4) User interface. Most of the flashlights have side buttons on the side of the head of the flashlight to change the mode - low - medium - high. 

5) How the flashlight charges the batteries.

Some models such as the Fenix UC35 have a 18650 battery inside the flashlight. It has a USB socket and cable to charge and can be charged from a computer.

Or you can get a Fenix PD35. The 18650 rechargeable can be recharged in the external charger. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • What are the certifications and standards of Fenix flashlights?

certifications and Standards of Fenix flashlights

certifications and Standards of Fenix flashlights



  • Warranty:

Warranty Details

1) 15 days free replacement: Fenix will replace a new product within 15 days of purchase for any manufacturing defects if problems come into being in normal use; We will replace it with the same model. If the model has been discontinued, customers will receive a product with similar or improved model.

2) 5 years free repairs: Fenix will offer free repair within 5 years for lights from the date of purchase if problem develops with normal use. Different warranty period for different products:    


Except the products and accessories listed above, other products or free offers provided by Fenix are not covered within the product's warranty.

3) Limited lifetime warranty: For lights past the free repair warranty period, we provide lifetime repairs but will charge for parts. The distributor will notify customer the cost of the part before repair.

4) Extended warranty service: Fenix kindly suggests that customers register the products with serial number on the official website: www.fenixlight.com . The customers will get an extra six-months warranty service once registered successfully.  

5) Warranty certificate: Customers request after-sale service from Fenix distributors or dealers by providing a completed Fenix warranty card, purchase invoice or receipt. The distributor should provide services to the customers and Fenix will support for these services.

6) The free warranty does not cover any damages or failure caused by:

  1. Normal wear
  2. Rough operation
  3. Battery leakage
  4. Any defects or damages caused by the improper operations including but not limited to operation which doesn't comply with the warranty or notes shown in the product specification. For example, the product specification will describe not to disassemble the sealed head, as doing so can damage the flashlight and will void the warranty.
  5. Any defects or damages caused by other behaviors which cannot be controlled by Fenix reasonably.

7) To make a warranty claim, please contact our warranty service department with the information listed as following: Name, Type/model of warranty item, Serial number, Age of the product and Description of the problem.  

Note: This new policy is only valid for all flashlights that are purchased since 1st of Jan 2015.

First contact us by email if you have a problem with your Fenix Flashlight or head lamp. We will try to solve your problem with Fenix. If your problem cannot be solved between us and Fenix , you would have to ship the flashlight or head lamp back to us. Please include $15 + HST (13%) to cover the cost of shipping the defective flashlight back to Fenix. Larger flashlights will require more to ship to Fenix.


The buyer bears the cost of shipping the defective flashlight or head lamp back to us. Also, buyer bears the cost of shipping return.


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