Thank you for dropping by. To our returning customers, we like to take a moment to thank you all for your ongoing support. We at J2ledflashlight.com are proud to offer and carry high-end, high quality products to our customers world-wide. The internet is an exciting medium and we are happy to utilize this medium to offer our products to the world.

"J2ledflashlight.com" is an e-commerce internet retailer specialized in selling LED flashlights brands such the 
Fenixlight, Olight, JETBeam, EagleTac, Nitecore, Nuwai and the Nichia Aurora Jupiter. We have been in business for over 8 years and counting.

“j2” got their name from the first initials of their founders John and Jim. The company is founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our first product was the Nuwai tm303x during the year 2004. The Nuwai tm303x was a best seller and we decided to expand the Nuwai line of products. As Nuwai has not caught up with the latest technological advancement such as Cree Q5 and Cree R2, we decided to expand into other brands such as Fenixlight, Jetbeam and Olight. We are still expanding and looking at other brands that our customers want. 

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