Want to know more of our latest products? We offer you a new experience on quality rechargeable LED flashlights that give you high powered beams of up to 900 lumens output and use the newest technology. 


Nitecore HC90 Rechargeable LED Headlamp - $155.99

The Nitecore HC90 is a revolutionary Micro-USB rechargeable headlamp featuring infinite brightness adjustment, up 900 lumens of output. Ideal use for hiking, climbing, camping and general outdoor recreation. 



Nitecore MH2C Rechargeable LED Flashlight  - $126.99

The highest powered flood beam at 800 lumens light with a built in charger. With multiple output modes that are conveniently accessed via rapid rotary switch.


Nitecore P20 Rechargeable LED Flashlight  - $99.99

Compact and lightweight yet packs a bright punch of 800 lumens, ideal for law enforcement and tactical operations. Featuring the Strobe ReadyTM switch, allowing instant activation of strobe in any state with unprecedented ease of use. Adjustable brightness levels from Turbo, medium to low mode.  


Nitecore TM36 Rechargeable LED Searchlight  - Limited Quantity

The world's smallest LED rechargeable searchlight. Designed for long distance illumination that provides extreme throwing distance of up to 1100 meters.

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