Xtar XP4 Panzer Charger
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Xtar XP4 Panzer Charger

by: Xtar


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  • Not 2 but 4

    When your rechargeable mobile power needs are more than the average user, the usual 2 bay charger is no longer an option. What you need is an efficient and multi-slot charger that can get that juice back in those batteries. With an option to charge 4 NiMH/Li-ion batteries independently, the 2-bay charger is left in the dust when it comes to efficiency. Even the best 2-bay chargers are nowhere near the capabilities of the Xtar XP4 Panzer 4-Slot NiMH/Li-ion Charger when it comes to charging up batteries. Just do the math, 4 is twice the usual 2-bay charger.


    Tough like a Tank

    Like the tough Panzer tank, it is built to take the heavy duty charging that it is required to do and it can even take on 4 batteries instead of the usual 2. Heat is expected from charging and many 2-bay chargers can take the heat but it is much tougher because it is a 4-bay charger. There is only a temperature rise of a maximum of 15 degrees centigrade when it is pumping up that juice. There is absolutely no chance of damage to the unit and the batteries as well. We all know that batteries do not like heat and some can lose performance or may be rendered unusable when there is just too much heat. Like a tank that has armor for protection, the unit as well has safety protection, a fireproof ABS shell.


    Safety Technologies like the Modern Panzer

    The modern Panzer is loaded with lots of high tech equipment to protect itself; this is also true for the XP4 Panzer. An IC monitor that is highly sensitive to even the slightest variances on amps and voltage keep things in check and this also makes it smart and identifies different battery types.

    The unit is also equipped with a superior three stage charging algorithm that makes it safer for your batteries to get that juice back in. If you do not already know, filling up that battery in a way that does not go through this 3-stage process may be hazardous to your precious batteries. If a battery goes through a fast charge and does not go to lower and slower stages, heat can build up and as said before, heat and batteries do not mix.

    The short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection are also standard features. These are often adopted by many chargers in the industry, so that says something about the essential nature of these protective features and we have that locked in. Since it is capable of recognizing different battery types, it is also able to adopt different charging methods. Take lithium batteries for example, the Xtar XP4 adopts a three-stage charging method for these (TC, CC, CV). In the case of Ni-MH batteries, it adopts pulse charging and 0△V,-△V judge method. It also stops charging when charging goes overtime and over voltage function is reached. There is also a soft-start current when charging is underway, that is an extra layer of protection for your batteries when putting the juice back in them. This is only momentary so do not worry about being slowed down when charging your batteries.


    Battery Business

    The Xtar XP4 Panzer Charger can charge four 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650 and/or 18700 Li-ion batteries. It can also handle AAA/AA/A Ni-MH batteries. You can even put two 22650, 25500 or 26650 (3.6V/3.7V) Li-ion batteries. SC/C Ni-MH batteries can also be charged simultaneously. Although all of these groups must be respectively charged, the options are just so numerous for one charger. You can even set the charging current to .25A, .5A or 1A, the more current the faster the charge but use caution as there is a 20% battery bank threshold that you should follow. To be ultra-safe and so that nothing bad happens to your batteries, the manufacturer recommended amps should be used.


    Unique Bonus Features

    Channel 1 is equipped with a Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd battery recondition function. Over discharged Li-ion batteries can also be revived even when they reach 0V. Battery spacers will also be a thing of the past as this charger will automatically adjust to fit batteries being charged. If you place a battery as well in channel 4 and connect a USB cable for your device, you can also use it as a power bank. The LED indicator lights and controls are also intuitive and easy to understand.

    In conclusion, the charger is far more than just your ordinary charger, it goes above and beyond so that your needs are met with the utmost efficiency. If the 4-bays are not enough to capture your attention, perhaps all the safety measures, along with the advanced features will.


    What’s included in the package?

    The Xtar XP4 Panzer four slots Ni-MH/Li-ion battery charger includes the following in the package:

    • XP4 charger
    • AC adaptor
    • Car adaptor ( included )
    • Manual
    • Warranty card


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