Xtar VP2 Charger Combos
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Xtar VP2 Charger Combos

by: Xtar


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  • Two-slot/High Voltage/High precision Real-time Display Li-ion/LifePo4 Charger

    Charge Two Batteries Independently

    Why not have two, because as they say, two is better than one - two charging slots that is. The XTAR VP2 Dual Slot Battery Charger is one such charger and that is just the beginning. This battery charger is packed full of so many features that it will make you drool. For anyone who is into battery powered gadgets, rechargeable batteries are a must and a way getting them topped-off is an essential tool. Since most gadgets require different batteries, a battery charger that can accommodate a variety of battery types is certainly a good one to have. It would be a better one if it can charge two different types at the same time.


    Batteries Compatible with the VP2 Charger

    The XTAR VP2 Dual Slot Battery Charger is certainly one of the more high tech battery chargers out there and it has some unique features as well. Batteries compatible with it include the following: 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 18700, 22650, 25500, 26650 that come in 3.0/3.2V, 3.6V/3.7V and 3.8V.


    Dual LED Status Indicators and LCD Panel

    Another thing that comes in two for this excellent battery charger is the pair of LED status indicators and the LCD panel which displays the status for each charging bay. You can easily monitor the status of each battery being charged in real time as they stock up on juice.


    Three Charging Current Options

    We now know that this charging unit has some features that come in two sets but it also has features that come in threes. There are three charging current options, three charging voltage options and it performs a three stage charging process. The three charging current options are .25A, .5A and 1A, higher amps means faster charging but caution should be used as there are formulas to consider and one must calculate carefully to apply accelerated battery charging. That said, the manufacturer recommended way is a surefire way and safe way of getting the juice back into those batteries. The three charging voltage options, 3.2V, 3.6V and 3.8V, also allow you to select the appropriate voltage required for you to charge the battery types the unit is capable of charging. Finally, there is the three stage charging process. The first stage is called the bulk stage, it is where 80% of the charging is done and the amps and voltage that are run through the battery are at the maximum the battery is allowed to take. The second stage is called the absorption stage, it is where almost all of the remaining 20% is filled up and a constant voltage is still applied but a decrease in the amps prevents the battery from getting cooked. The last stage is the float stage, this is where the battery is subjected to a slightly reduced voltage and a very minimal flow of amps - this maintains the battery at a constant 100% charge.


    Other Important Features

    One thing that the charging unit is quite good at is detecting the precise voltage and battery level which makes it safe. It also protects batteries and extends the life of your juice banks. You can all see this precision on the 120 degree wide angle LCD screen. On the LCD screen you can also see overly discharged batteries come back to life as it performs a soft start function where it gradually builds to the proper charging voltage and amperage. This also avoids battery damage due to large current surges. As with any charger, heat becomes an issue and dispersing that heat to protect the charging unit from ruin is an important design consideration and the designers at Hong Kong XTAR Co., Ltd. have made sure that heat produced by the unit is dispersed well and it is housed in a fireproof ABS shell just for extra safety.


    Reverse Polarity Protection and Battery Spacers

    With the XTAR VP2 you can also feel safe because of the idiot free reverse polarity protection circuit board. Putting in the batteries the wrong way will never be an issue ever again and prevent you from ruining a battery ever again. You can also forget about using battery spacers. You will be forever free from these as the unit is equipped with spring loaded contacts that adjust to the length of your battery.


    Net Weight and Size

    The unit looks cool and elegant in its simplicity. It is a lightweight that only weighs 125 grams. Small and compact it measures 135 mm long, 68 mm wide and 35 mm tall.


    Power Bank

    One last feature that you may not see in most chargers is this unique ability of the VP2 Dual Slot Battery Charger to perform as a power bank. Now it is a charger that delivers the power. Once the external power source is disconnected and a USB is connected to the port at the back, you can be supplied with 5V at 1A to power most mobile devices. You will even know when the juice is running low as shown by the LED indicator. To protect the rechargeable batteries the unit will also shut down on its own when the battery capacity gets too low.


    What’s Included

    The Xtar VP2 Package includes the following:

    • VP2 Charger
    • Adaptor
    • Car Adaptor
    • Manual
    • Warranty Card


  • Xtar VP2 Charger
    2 x EagleTac 18650/3500 mAh Lithium Batteries

  • Xtar VP2 Charger
    2 x AW RCR123A 750 mAH Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

  • Xtar VP2 Charger
    2 x AW 14500 Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

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