Silva Mini Compass
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Silva Mini Compass

by: Silva Compass


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The SILVA Mini is perfect to bring as an extra compass, it is super lightweight and takes up minimum space. It can be attached to your jacket with a safety pin, thereby allowing hands-free navigation.

A mirror sighting compass should be your choice when you must determine direction over long distances. With the mirror tilted to a 45-degree angle, you can check your direction by looking at the bezel in the mirror while sighting in the correct direction of travel. Because you needn’t lift your eyes from the compass in order to look
into the terrain, the direction determined with the Silva 1-2- 3 System® becomes more accurate.

The base plate offers map-measuring in inches and a built-in sundial that lets you determine the time of day by using the apparent position of the sun. The red/black north-south lines in the capsule bottom ensures easy and safe settling. The compass needle is made from finest Swedish steel with high quality magnetic features.

Easy navigation with the SILVA 1-2-3 System
Withstands tough weather conditions
2 scales, soft and bendable, easy to place directly on to your route on the map.
Extra precision


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