Real Steel Knives Kiridashi RS3721
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Real Steel Knives Kiridashi RS3721

by: Real Steel Knives


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Real Steel Knives produces the cool mini-sting Kiridashi of Designer Ostap Hel in small numbers for collectors. The sting is only 145 mm long, but equipped with a highly efficient Wharncliffe blade. This extraordinary little sword is handmade by our master craftsman using Elmax steel with a two-tone finish. The knife comes in a Kydex sheath in Carbon-fiber and with screws made of solid titanium. Elmax, titanium, carbon, Ostap design and RSK quality! 

Blade: Sandvik Elmax

Blade Length:52 mm / 2.05"

Blade Thickness: 3.50 mm / 0.14"

Open:145mm / 5.71"


What is a Kiridashi ?

Kiridashi roughly translates to "pointed knife" in English. They are a very simple design with a much different edge orientation than most knives and lots of leverage at the edge and tip.

Perfect for whittling, carving, or simply for everyday tasks, the kiridashi is an ideal tool. Traditionally these tools are used for wood carving, and long ago in Japan, children used them to sharpen their pencils. Translated to English, 'kiridashi' means 'to carve out' in Japanese. These fantastic knives are a very unique hand-forged tool to add to your collection.

They are also traditionally used for pruning small trees and bonsai. They can be use for all kinds of tasks!

Uses of a Kiridashi
Opening boxes - they have great control at the tip compared to most knives
Scoring leather or wood- lots more power at the tip and edge than most knives
cutting cord
seam ripping
general cutting
splinter removal
cutting zip ties
light prying
self defense
survival tool - even make feather sticks
useful in multi grips
great for a tactical vest or belt - compact and tough
chiseling/planing wood
de-burring holes
drilling holes

The pommel is great crushing small stuff like nuts, it could also be used like a kubaton for self defense even if left in the sheath.

They are great pocket knives or pack knives, the shorter length makes them handy to keep one everywhere.  You can make them very sturdy so they can pry in a pinch. They are very easy to field sharpen or sharpen at home.

The best points are the power and control at the tip and blade, with a reverse grip and a pull cut they glide through the toughest material like leather. They can be held with a regular grip, reverse grip, tip up or down, in palm or full grip. The angled pommel on mine fits well in the palm or gives a great place to place the thumb for leverage.




No return on knives. 

Manufacturer's warranty : 

All warranty issues have to go through the manufacturer regardless of the brand.
Please note that blade centering on folding knives is not considered a defect.  

If you believe there is a problem that might be a warranty issue, feel free to contact us and we will give you the manufacturer's direct contact information. 


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