Pelican Case Micro 1050 Indigo with Acebeam Headlamps in various Combo Packages
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Pelican Case Micro 1050 Indigo with Acebeam Headlamps in various Combo Packages

by: Pelican


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Want to protect your headlamps and do not know where to store them.

Look no further. These Pelican Cases are a perfect fit. Not too big or not too small. Fits perfectly in storing your Acebeam headlamps.

 These Pelican Cases can fit the following Acebeam headlamps :

Acebeam HC30 headlamps

Here comes a new amazing headlamp - ACEBEAM H30. ACEBEAM H30 is a rechargeable headlamp with the newest Type C rechargeable port. It features 1*XHP70.2 LED white light for a better color rendering, and there are 1*Red LED and 1*Green LED to alert others. What’s more, H30 provides police color light for police usage. H30 emits a far beam distance 173 meters, max. output of 4000 lumens and a max. run time of 110 hours by a powerful 1*21700 (3.6V 5100mAh) battery. Dual switches are for easy and fast operation among all modes for multi purposes, even instance Turbo mode by one press. ACEBEAM H30 is the most reliable headlamp for hiking, camping, biking and any other outdoor activities.



Acebeam H40 headlamp

H40 is a simple, compact, lightweight headlamp with tremendous power and reliability. Equipped with one CREE XP-L HD LED, this high performance headlamp provides you with a fuller, more evenly-lit view at night. It features with infinite dimming outputs ranging from 230 lumens to 20 umens by Li-ion battery, ranging from 230 lumens to 20 lumens by Ni-MH or Alkaline AA battery and a SOS mode for emergency situations. There is another version for optional, which is equipped with one luminous SST-20 CRI 95+ LED, this allows a warm and soft beam to resemble the nature of sunlight, reducing eye strain and makes it ideal for photography. The headlamp's body is constructed from aerospace grade and hard-anodized aluminum, letting it withstand drops from as high as 2 meters and allowing it to be waterproof to IP68. Super lightweight, remarkably rugged, and incredibly user-friendly, H40 headlamp is one perfect light for any outdoor activities!



Pelican Micro Cases
Interior dimensions: 6.31" x 3.68" x 2.75". Color : Ox Blood. Case can be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Watertight, crush proof, and dust proof. Automatic pressure equalization valve-balances internal pressure and keeps water out. Carabiner. Easy open latch. Rubber liner doubles as O-ring seal. Stainless hardware. Good for small sensitive components to smartphones. Bulk packed.

  • 0.8 lbs
  • USA

  • Combos Available :

    Combo # 1  Pelican Case 1050 Indigo with Acebeam H30 head lamp in            Cool White


    Combo # 2  Pelican Case 1050 Indigo with Acebeam H30 head lamp in              Warm White

    Combo # 3  Pelican Case 1050 Indigo with Acebeam H40 head lamp in          Cree XP-L HD LED


    Combo # 4  Pelican Case 1050 Indigo with Acebeam H40 head lamp in                                                                                                 SST-20 CRI 95 LED






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