Olight SR Mini Intimidator
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Olight SR Mini Intimidator

by: Olight


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Mighty Mini

The SR Mini Intimidator is a 5-inch long and less than 2-inch in diameter powerhouse that delivers 2800 lumens on its most powerful setting and even at the lowest mode, it is enough to blind you with its 200 lumens. It is also a mighty one because it can reach a distance of 224 meters and that is not just a spot beam but most of the area at close and medium range is brightly lit up.


Olight SR Mini (3xXM-L2 - 3x18650, 6xCR123A) flood-style flashlight review, by Selfbuilt


SR Mini Brightness Modes and Runtimes

Its highly diffused lens is the reason for this and perhaps this reach may even be farther if paired with a deeper reflector and clear lens. It is no weakling as well when it comes to runtime. In mode 1, which is the brightest at 2800 lumens, it can last for up to 2 full hours. On the next power level, 1200 lumens, it can go to 3.5 hours of use. The third power level, 600 lumens, brings it to 7 hours and the lowest power level is still bright at 200 lumens and the unit can go for up to 16 hours of operation. The strobe mode is set at the max lumens and it can go for up to 4 hours.


LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Width, Length, Diameter) Weight Battery
3 x CREE XM-L2 CW 3 output levels IPX-8 127mm (Length)x48mm ( Diameter) 286g 3x 18650 / 6x CR123A 
ANSI/FSC General Mode
  Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Mode 4
Output (Lumens) 2800 1200 600 200
Runtime 2h 3.5h 7h 16h
Distance (224 m)        
Intensity (12600cd)        
Impact Resistant (1.5 m)        


The Power of Three

One LED is not enough to power this small flashlight to get it to 2800 lumens so it requires a set of three Cree XM-L2 LEDs to get it there. Since it needs three LEDs to reach that level of brightness, it also requires a set of batteries to power the unit and to get it to last or achieve respectable run times. Optimum operation is best achieved with a set of three 18650s or you also have the option to use six CR123A batteries. An important note to remember about the SR Mini is it does not support RCR123A or flat-top 18650 batteries.

Another trio to consider is the market applications or the type of consumer that was thought of to make the most of this type of flashlight. These are people in Law Enforcement, ordinary Household owners, and Outdoor enthusiasts. You can just imagine people in law enforcement undertaking a search and rescue operation, the ordinary household owner using it for defense and emergency use and the outdoor enthusiast lighting up the trail or a cave perhaps as they explore the wilderness.


Key Features

  • The SR Mini Intimidator is fitted with a highly diffused acrylic lens that allows it to emit a smooth floodlight for soft area lighting that is very bright.
  • It is also equipped with a simple to operate side switch that cycles through the four brightness modes and it also activates the strobe mode. The side switch is also cool because it lights up when the flashlight is turned on.
  • The smart memory function allows it to remember the last brightness level when you turn it off and it to automatically returns to that setting when turned on.
  • You can use a lock-out feature with a half turn of the tail cap so the unit cannot be turned on accidentally.
  • The unit is rated to have a candela power of 12600cd which is far more than most in its class.
  • It is also tested to be tough as it is waterproof under IPX 8 conditions for up to a submerged depth of 2 meters.
  • The aircraft-grade aluminum body is also coated with an anti-scratch type III hard anodizing and impact resistance has been tested at 1.5 meters.


Included Accessories

The unit comes with a Lanyard to keep it anchored to your body, a Holster to stuff it in when not in use, a Battery magazine to make battery replacement easy and a couple of Spare O-rings. You also have the option to fit it with a glass breaker bezel and use high capacity rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries from Olight.

You will be surprised by the power of this handheld LED flashlight. Compared to others in its class the size is certainly unexpected and run time is also up there with the best of them.

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