Olight SR 52 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight
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Olight SR 52 Intimidator Rechargeable LED Flashlight

by: Olight


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Updated SR51

The SR51 search and rescue flashlight was already a fine flashlight back in its day but today is a new era, as the SR52 Intimidator makes its way into the scene and surpasses its predecessor. The SR52 is now a true rechargeable flashlight as you do not have to remove the rechargeable batteries from the unit to put that juice back in them. Once the rechargeable batteries are placed inside, they stay inside and a micro-USB port is used to connect the unit to a charger which tops off the batteries inside. Beyond the convenience of never having to remove the batteries to get them recharged, this single step alone is a time saver and when the time comes for it to go into action there is no need to fuss over the installation of the batteries.


Olight SR52 (1xXM-L2, 3x18650, 6xCR123A) throw-style Flashlight Review, by Selfbuilt


Three 18650s or six CR123As

You have an option to power it with three 18650s or six CR123As. You get more out of the 18650s but the CR123As are also good enough. The 5v 1A USB power adapter is no pushover when it comes to battery charging and it also lets you know when it is in the process of charging the batteries through an LED that lights up red and turns green when the charging is complete. Speaking of LED indicators, the flashlight itself has an LED indicator on its side and it glows red when the batteries are running low on juice. The battery carrier by the way that provided so much convenience for the SR51 is now a relic of the past as the new model has been engineered to have battery cavities that eliminate the need for a battery carrier.


The New Surpasses the Old

The SR51 was a great search and rescue flashlight and it had 900 lumens that were very impressive back in the day but that needed an upgrade as well and now with the SR52, the lumens have gone up to 1200. It improved the throw distance of the SR51 as well and from a 475-meter distance the throw distance for the new SR52 is now 583 meters. The candela power of the SR51 was also surpassed, from 56500cd for the SR51 to 84100cd for the SR52.


SR52 Brightness Modes and Runtimes Mode

Rechargeable Flashlight YES
LED Brightness Level Waterproof Specifications (Width, Length, Diameter) Weight Battery
CREE XM-L2 3 output levels IPX-8 161.5mm (Length) 63mm ( Bezel Diameter) 405g 3x 18650 / 6x CR123A
ANSI/FSC General Mode
  Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3
Output (Lumens) 1200 600 100
Runtime 2h 3.5h 7h
Distance (583 m)      
Intensity (84100cd)      
Impact Resistant (1 m)      


Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Household, Outdoor

Intended for those with illumination needs in the search and rescue sector, this LED flashlight has ample amounts of lumens at 1200 to take care of the requirements of this potentially lifesaving task. Law enforcement personnel can also use it to fight crime and illuminate the staging area for any unwanted, suspicious activity. Common household owners would benefit from it as a defense tool and as an emergency lighting tool. Outdoor enthusiasts will also be able to maximize the outdoor experience by being able to move at night as they can light up trails and even light up dark caves for exploration.


Key Features

  • With an easy to use side switch that cycles through the three brightness levels and activates the strobe function, the unit is familiar to operate and the controls are intuitive.
  • The new micro-USB charging port allows the rechargeable batteries inside the unit to be recharged without having to take them out first - plug in and fill it up. When charging, there is a status indicator on the power supply which notifies you via an LED when it is fully charged - it changes from red to green.
  • There is also an LED indicator on the side of the flashlight which glows red when batteries are running low.
  • There is also a cool blue o-ring at the head of the flashlight which glows in the dark; this ring helps you locate the flashlight in the dark.
  • Smart memory allows you to start from the off position and automatically return to your last brightness level setting.
  • The lock-out function is also there to prevent accidental activation.


Toughness Guaranteed

The unit’s body is made of lightweight and strong aircraft-grade aluminum and it is also coated with an anti-scratch type III hard anodizing that is often seen in firearms. The stainless steel bezel also provides additional protection from drops even though it has already been tested to survive a drop from 1 meter. It can also be submerged under 2 meters of water and it still continue to illuminate.


Dimensions and Weight

The unit measures 6.3 inches long, it has a bezel diameter of 2.5 inches and it only weighs 14.3 ounces without the batteries. It fits easily in any hand, while a child might have some slight difficulty in handling it do to the size and weight, it is certainly possible.

Quite simply, the SR52 is the SR51 made better in a new form.


Included Accessories

  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Spare O-rings (x2)
  • 5v 1A USB power adapter
  • Micro-USB Cable

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