Nitecore P12 1000 lumens + NDF25 diffuser + Real Steel Knives RS7797 H7 Free
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Nitecore P12 1000 lumens + NDF25 diffuser + Real Steel Knives RS7797 H7 Free

by: Real Steel Knives


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Nitecore P12 (1000 lumens) Overview

If the need to be precise and gain the tactical advantage is on your list of requirements for an LED flashlight, NITECORE’s P12 is a good one to consider. It uses a premium CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED that can burn hot to a maximum output of 1000 lumens and you can run it in this top level power for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Working together with the powerful CREE LED, the second generation ‘Crystal Coating Technology’ combined with ‘Precision Digital Optics Technology’ that provides extreme reflector performance pushes the light to a throw distance of the unit to 232 meters.

Real Steel Knives RS7797 H7 Free DETAILS

The sister model of H7 Snow leopard. Forget the thumbpin - here's the nailgroove. RSK is one of the few manufacturers of the industry, who produces knives completely by precision fine blanking and CNC-cutting. To substitute the thumbpin bore with the nailgroove we had to completely retool our production line. A big effort for such a small change! At RSK however we truly listen to our customers wishes. To take the principle of a two-handed knive to its extreme we equipped our H7 Free with the "Mutex-Alpha" lock, which can be activated even when the knive is closed thus preventing any unintended opening. 200 % - "Two-Handed"

Blade: Sandvik 14C28N

Blade Length:90 mm / 3.54"

Blade Thickness: 3.05 mm / 0.12"

Open: 212 mm / 8.34"

Weight: 173 g / 6.10 oz

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