Nitecore NEF10 Multifunctional Electric Fan with Power Bank

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  NITECORE NEF10 Multifunctional Electric Fan is specially designed for providing an excellent experience for the user. Equipped with a LED Ring Light, it can morph into a power supply to back up your power needing.

 Designed with five blades, the NEF10 has 3 levels of wind speed to adjust. Compared to noisy motors, the NEF10 utilizes a brushless motor ideal for enjoying your activities with a quiet and comfortable experience.

 With a weight of 655g (±5g) / 23.10 oz (±0.18 oz), the NEF10 has the built-in 10,000mAh large capacity Li-ion battery with a max runtime of 27h, ideal for use all day. It only takes 4.5h to fully charge the NEF10 and it can be used as a power supply for smartphones or tablets with a max output power of 10W.

 The NEF10 uses a ball head tripod, and its 5-length adjustable legs can be tilted to the desired angle, making it suitable for various terrains, like the hill, woodland, and grass. 360° adjustable ball head allows you to enjoy the wind from the fan at different angles.

 There are many ways to use the NEF10 — standing or handheld. Besides, you can pull out the handle and use it with a hook for hanging. The LED ring light is designed with 3 adjustable brightness levels and can provide a max runtime of 100h, ideal for daily use.

 In addition, the NEF10 has a timing function and is ideal for power saving with 3 adjustable levels: 1h, 3h and 5h. The universal 1/4" screw hole is used to connect the fan part to the ball head tripod, and it is applicable to mount on other different tripods.

Specifications Capacity: 10,000mAh
Input Power: 5V⎓2A
Output Power: 5V⎓2A
Rated Power: 4W (MAX)
Dimensions: 194mm x 175mm x 345mm / 7.6" x 6.9" x 13.6"
Weight: 655g (±5g) / 23.10 oz (±0.18 oz)
Height: 345mm / 13.6" (MAX)
275mm / 10.8" (MIN)
Runtime of the Fan: 27h (MAX)
Runtime of the LED Light: 100h (MAX)
Accessories: Ball Head Tripod, Hook, USB-C Charging Cable


• 3 levels of wind speed available, up to 4.0m/s

• Standing and hanging available and 360° adjustable

• Equipped with a LED ring light with 3 adjustable brightness levels, ideal for daily use

• Detachable fan part and ball head tripod, capable to carry conveniently

• 5 adjustable height levels of the ball head tripod suitable for various terrains

• Built-in 10,000rnAh large capacity Li-ion battery with a max runtime of 27h

• Designed with USB-C input and USB-A output with an anti-dust cover, capable to be used as a power bank

• Detachable fan hood easy to remove or install for cleaning


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