LuLabop Hero Clip - medium in Grey or Black
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LuLabop Hero Clip - medium in Grey or Black

by: Heroclip


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Say "Hello" to your new hands free helper.

LuLabop invented a special hooked carabiner that allows you to gather, fasten and hang your stuff where you need it.

LuLabop Hero Clip - medium in Grey
Holds forty to sixty pounds depending on the model used.
Swivels 360 degrees, giving the hook and clip a wide range of motions.
Equipped with a rubber beak made to grip almost any surface.



1. What is Heroclip?

Heroclip is the tool that can hold whatever you want wherever you want it! Backpacks, lanterns and hydration systems from tree branches, gear from fences and trees, travel bags from doors, a bag from a suitcase handle, paint buckets from ladder rungs (I don’t know about you, but we’ve kicked over an open can of paint once or twice), buckets from gutters, purses from tables―the list goes on.

Heroclip is designed for everyday use by campers, hikers, travelers, aspirational adventurers, and urban explorers (“anyone living on earth,” as one reviewer put it). Our product is a 3-in-1 clip, swivel, and hook that helps keep gear tethered, upright, off the ground and within easy access. Heroclip rotates 360 degrees, folds at two joints for maximum versatility and has a rubber tip so whatever you are hanging will stay put. When not in use, the hook folds securely and nests compactly onto the clip.

2. How is Heroclip different from other hooks, clips, and fasteners?

Unlike other fasteners that only function in one way (a clip, or a hook, or a tie), Heroclip enables users to both hook and clip gear. Heroclip’s patented 360-degree swivel and two-jointed folding hook system make hanging effortless, allowing items to hang straight from even the most awkward spots and providing convenient access to whatever is being stored. The extra-large gate on the carabiner makes it easier to insert items than other clips. In addition, Heroclip is made of individually machined aircraft grade aluminum, giving it both strength and a premium look and feel.

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