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Models: Aluminum Alloy Metal Grey-910lm 1600m
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The LOOP-UNIVERSE SK01s is a small and compact tactical flashlight equipped with the innovative LEP system. This torch was born as a torch for collectors but also for true lovers of flashlights: in fact, it is available for sale in both aluminum and titanium. It uses a 20W LEP module with a maximum output of 910 lumens and an incredible reachable distance of 1600 meters. The Customized optical glass lens with which it is equipped also allows you to focus the beam and switch from a completely directional beam to a flood beam. It is in fact possible to vary the width of the exit angle from 2.8° to 18°. The flashlight comes with a tactical ring with rail guides that allows a firm grip on any occasion. The unique mechanical bolt structure provides physical lockout of the switch thus preventing accidental activation of the light. The bezel and the tactical ring are equipped with ceramic balls that allow the flashlight to be used as a glass breaker. The tail switch features a series of status LEDs inside that produce different colored ambient effects. Included in the package is a 18350 Li-ion cell with Type-C charging interface included inside that is compatible with PD and QC fast charging protocols. The constant current circuit allows for an output that is always stable over time. There are also different safety devices such as protection against battery under discharge, protection against incorrect battery installation and torch electrical lockout. The output levels are divided as follows: Turbo of 910 lumens with a runtime of 30s - 1h, maximum reachable distance of 1600 meters and maximum light intensity of 640,000 candles; High level of 450 lumens with 1h and 5 minutes of maximum runtime; Low level of 100 lumens and 3 hours of maximum runtime; Eco level of 10 lumens and 6 hours of maximum runtime; Strobe level of 910 lumens.

The battery to be used for this flashlight must be a 18350 lithium rechargeable battery with a discharge current of 10A and with a length between 37 mm and 42 mm.

The battery charge indicator lights up red while charging, lights up blue when charging is finished, and a full charge takes about 1.3 hours. The Battery Status Indicator glows blue when the capacity is greater than 30%, glows purple when the capacity is between 10% and 29%, and glows red when the capacity is less than 10% . The dimensions of this flashlight are 126 mm in length and 43 mm in diameter of the body. The weight is 222 grams with the aluminum body without battery and 248 grams with the battery while it is 276 grams with the titanium body without battery and 302 grams with battery. The LOOP-UNIVERSE SK01s is also equipped with a spinner on the body of the torch and also allows the rotation of the tactical ring: in this way it is possible to use the torch as if it were a fidget spinner, therefore it is also an excellent stress reliever.

Loop Universe SK01S Focus Adjustable LEP Flashlight

The SK-01S Focus Adjustable LEP Flashlight is brand new, comes sealed and boxed, complete with all the accessories. 

LOOP-UNIVERSE was created by a group of flasholics who used to be kidos with boundless imagination about universe. They strive to blend the universe elements into flashlights which is their another commom interest, design and manufacture stylish, playable flashlights.

Product Information:

Operation Instruction

  • Functions: All controlled by the tail switch.
  • ON/OFF: Click to turn ON/OFF.
  • Brightness Selection: From ON, press to change, release to select.
  • Brightness Memory: It memorizes the brightness on which it was turned off, TURBO and ECO excluded.
  • ECO Mode: From OFF, press and hold 1s to activate.
  • Breathe effect in the tail: From OFF, press and hold 2s to activate.
  • Tail light mode Selection: From OFF, press and hold 3s to activate Tail light mode selection, press and hold to switch to next mode, click to select.
  • Electronic lock: 4 quick knocks (off state) unlock: quick knock four times



  • Aluminum Alloy Version 222g, with battery 248g
  • Titanium Alloy Version 276g, with battery 302g

Loop Universe SK01S Focus Adjustable LEP Flashlight

Loop Universe SK01S Focus Adjustable LEP Flashlight features

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